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Latest Projects


EUR 8,500,000

Capital needed
Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Agricultural and landtrade,I plan for 2021an indoor flat warehouse for grain, raw materials and fertilizer as well as a logistics hall for approx, 3.000 pallet spaces.Storage capacity for grain approx...

Food Asia

USD 1,000,000

Capital needed

Creating Asia's first culinary talent agency with a content-to-commerce extension. ...

The Airbnb of Naps

USD 500,000

Capital needed
USA, Nueva York

Nappr consists of a mobile/web application that will provide access to an expansive network of short-term sleep locations in businesses, apartments and homes with hosts setting the prices, similar to ...

Funneling Effect Air-conditioner

EUR 1,000,000

Capital needed

As known to all, heat-radiation can affect chilling efficiency. When the air-flow flows from the wide area to the narrow area it's speed will be increased. This is called Funneling Effect. It can be u...

Private investing fund and marketing

USD 10,000,000

Capital needed
Greece, Attica

Hi, I want to launch my own private investment fund and market my website The website has the potential to become a multi-million business in the next year...

Rooftop Solar Project in India

USD 1,300,000

Capital needed
India, Telangana

We have got a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from a reputed client in India, Who is in to molding sector and in the industry since last 30 years. The proposed capacity of the project is 2.3 MW whose p...


USD 50,000

Capital needed
India, Rajasthan

                            HEALTHY FOOD FOR HEALTHY SOCIETYI would like to  launch a food business franchise model.This food...

Biodegradable Edible Rice Tapioca Drinking Straws Manufacturing Company

GBP 300,000

Capital needed
United Kingdom, London

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE to protect our PLANET I am a Business start-up and I am seeking funding to launch my business and I hope that my business will be a good investment for you. I am keen to do...


€ 500,000

Capital needed
Germany, Berlin

Hello from Belgrade. Im made a very powerful product for boosting immunity, detoxifying the body, treating cancer, regulating blood pressure, acting strongly on white blood cells and protecting agains...

international marketplace

EUR 250,000

Capital needed
Germany, Bayern

Executive summary1.1 Business summary:We want to open an online marketplace for customers needing daily things, like furnitures, building materials, electronics, and so on. We will start wit...

Flying Boat/Hopper Express

USD 2,000,000

Capital needed
USA, Misuri

 A Safer New Way to Travel in the Future Executive Summary The Flying Lake Hopper A Safer New Way to Travel in the Future. The Lake Hopper is a vertical takeoff and landing flying craft, cap...

Sensowatch: A Wireless & Contactless Emergency Early Detection System

EUR 50,000

Capital needed
Czech Republic

During the night, patients and clients in healthcare and social care institutions are not monitored continuously. In case of an emergency, it is difficult to find out immediately. We are the Night Wat...

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Popular Projects

car-portal looking for investors or shareholder

Germany, Bayern

EUR 500,000

Capital needed

AES256 File System

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

USD 200,000

Capital needed

Socio comercial

Venezuela, Guárico

€ 10,000

Capital needed

Necesito Financiacion


EUR 100,000

Capital needed
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