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Capital needed

EUR 5,000


Executive SummaryF**** Poultry Farm Project (FPFP) a subsidiary of F**** Consult Limited is an exciting new initiative that is established to meets an unsatisfied need for quality poultry products. F*

Capital needed

GBP 180,000


Briefly, this is an Agri-business project that grows crops which provide food supply to the ready and established market. The use of preeminent strategies makes this business unique and different. A v

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

I hope today the loan funds can be sent to the bank account of BCA INDONESIA-Please send to my bank account: SWIFT code BCA Bank Indonesia: CENAIDJA and send it to my bank account: 1550248260 &

Capital needed

EUR 100,000

Ireland, Leinster

required  lender /private investor to lend 100k euro for the insurance premium on a large development agri loan already approved but requiring insurance to be paid ,   lender will be re

Capital needed

USD 75,000

South Africa, Free State

Introduction of the  Rust Free Borehole system for WindmillsFarmers mostly use windmills in combination with steel pipes in their boreholes. The downside of using steel pipes include:Steel p

Capital needed

€ 3,000,000


Hello Dear Investor ,I am glad that through this platform I can share my idea with different investor so according my knowledge and abilities I am sure finally I can find the right investor.My name is

Capital needed

EUR 110,000


agri farm finance required in Ireland ,  100k euro plus, require d for purchasing of livestock to develop  business,  unsecured/secured,  all enquires welcome,  require an und

Capital needed

EUR 70,000


cocoa farming is the one of the backbone of Ghana and Ghana is among one of the leading producer of cocoa in the world, have large farm land to produce cocoa in many tons but lack the funding to buy s

Capital needed

USD 30,000

Nigeria, Abia

Fish is one of the cheap sources of protein and a good substitute for meat. In fact, no meal is consumed in Nigeria without fish or meat. The market for catfish is such that six out of every ten

Capital needed

EUR 30,000

Nigeria, Kaduna

We aim to qualitatively process and package meat products, using an inert gas like nitrogen gas which is not toxic as a preservative and a perforated paper foil that is non-reactive as a packaging mat

Ecuador, Guayas

Soy de ecuador y tengo varios proyectos propios y otros en asociación con otras personas de granjas camaroneras y criadero bocachico tilapia call, sembrio de caña arrox maiz cacao exportación de mango

Capital needed

USD 11,864

Nigeria, Oyo

Agriculture Farm Business PlanExecutive SummaryF***** International is an existing farm dedicated to the production of fruits and vegetables. F***** International has been formed as a Nigerian Based E


ZAI Veterinary centre is a business registered in the United Republic of Tanzania ,East Africa since  September  2014,the stage of business is at growing stage .Zai veterinary centre has pla

Capital needed

USD 10,000,000


Andyroyal Faarms is setting up a 30 tons per hour Palm Oil Factory in Ghana for local consumption and export. We in intend to set up a nucleus nursery and out grower module to enable us feed the

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Nigeria, Ogun

P         The project is an integrated fish and snail farm which will breed fish, smoke the fish,  breed snails process and package both the

Capital needed

€ 3,000

Nigeria, Osun

The Grace Poultry plan to participate in chicken egg production. The business entails keeping of chicken from (Day old to) fourteen weeks when the growers will be transfer to cages. The caged birds at

Capital needed

USD 2,500,000

USA, Ohio

The Equipment Store is planning on opening an equipment sales, service and parts store in the existing vacant K-Mart building in Gallipolis, Ohio area early in 2018.  It is our belief that the pe

Capital needed

EUR 4,000,000


Production of the best highly active fertilizer with immediate effects on the market and positive influence on the environment.The product is a concentrated humus fertilizer, more environmentally frie


The aim of the project is to create a modern high-tech production facilities for processing of soya beans and the production of refined soybean oil, edible soybean meal, defatted soy flour, soy con

Capital needed

USD 6,000,000

Mexico, Nayarit

Rancho integral orgánico para carne de cerdo, cabra, queso y cajeta de cabra, tilapia, fresa, jitomate, pimiento y lechuga.Gran oportunidad y rentabilidad al estar integrado.Inversión 6 musd. retorno