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Capital needed

USD 500,000


The main feature of the platform is to gather language textbook publishing, language teaching content research and development enterprises and institutions around the world, register on the platfor

Capital needed

USD 8,100

Nigeria, Lagos

3D Animation Video is still new in this part of Africa. This will be the next big come few years ahead. I need investors who can help me with fund to take all the neccessary courses associated with 3D

Capital needed

USD 100,000


We want to assist women and Children living in bad situation because they are neglected or abandoned .We want to provide a training in different domains and give them a capital for starting their proj

Capital needed

EUR 800,000


After about 20 years of research recently we have been able to produce and develop a kid’s educational social network and programming language called Simorgh (SPL). SPL is a visual programming languag

Capital needed

EUR 7,000,000

Nigeria, Rivers

         A PROPOSAL FOR A SCHOOL INVESTMENT To whom it may concern With the most humble plea, I wish to solicit your partnership with the above named school to

Capital needed

USD 20,000,000

Switzerland, Zug

STATUS OF SCHOOL EDUCATION: Primary, Middle and Secondary education in almost all public Institutes is miserable, and in most private Institutes, unsatisfactory. They teach mainstream degraded val