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Capital needed

GBP 64,048

United Kingdom

The idea is of a networking platform that is integrated into two.   :A social and logging app for pilot and aviation professionals. It will also allows them to source out job opportunit

USA, Ohio

I own the Patent to the gaming industries historic next resurgence in poker card games since Texas Holdem Poker was introduced . If you have ever wanted to be part of the multi - billion dollar gaming

Capital needed

EUR 1,100,000


There is a small apartment complex right at the sea on the caribbean island of Curacao for sale.  This complex consists of 12 apartments and is for sale.  I am looking for an equity partner

USA, Nueva York

RUPTURIAN is a Sci-Fi multimedia franchise that includes movies, video-games, books and toys.  Imagine STAR WARS, but more realistic, occurring in the present time, and up-to-date with respect to


PROMOTEUR : Mme B.Nationalité: AlgérienneTitre : UNITE DE PRODUCTION DE GAZ INDUSTRIELS (DIOXYDE DE CARBONE) Description de projet : Nous recherchons un partenaire étranger ou national pour

Capital needed

USD 50,000

Singapore, Central Region

This project is a series of 1-day forums in which entrepreneurs and corporate investment managers can trial their investment projects in a friendly, obligation-free environment. The outcome is a great

Capital needed

EUR 2,000,000


BENEDICS - COMPANYOur focus is the general consumer market globally (revenue model: retail, e-tail, subscriptions, leasing).In the age of humanoid robots, there is a large market of people, especially

Capital needed

USD 2,500

USA, Indiana

Eco Jewelry made with recycled paper and lasts a lifetime.


The coal mine is located near Karaganda city. Coal reserves are 100 million tons. Grade B-4 coal. Coal mining by open way. Coal will be also used as a raw material for the combined heat and power

Capital needed

GBP 6,000

United Kingdom, North West

To create a venue in this area for people to take up this sport or take it up for a hobby. It would also help to get Kids out of the local woods and parks shooting at the wrong things which

Capital needed

USD 22,000

USA, Indiana

We are T***** Software LLC and we have a couple of new exciting games in development for which we need monetary support to make them even better! Our first idea is based on a real-life video seri

Capital needed

EUR 10,000

UAE, Dubai

Hello, I am a single and private investor looking for any type of already functioning busines to invest my money in it. I have a ready cash of millions of USD to invest in any part of the world especi

Capital needed

USD 500,000


Infinity SAV USA has invented an electric generator powered solely by magnets that will eliminate CO2 from electricity and transportation and cut electricity costs by 50+% We have a working proto

Capital needed

EUR 500,000

Norway, Aust-Agder

First of its kind thumb brace for people who suffer from arthritis and other thumb related disorders.Imagine that you cannot move your hand as usually due to sudden pain located near the basal joint o

Capital needed

USD 25,000

USA, Indiana

The Garden Show by T***** Software LLC is a video series featuring a real garden which takes the garden from the planning stages, selecting what to plant, plant and garden care, how to deal with pests

Capital needed

EUR 10,000

Finland, Uusimaa

LEGAL NAMES OF OWNERS: J.J. HambergM.A. SztencM.M. MagherusanIntroduction:C*** eSports was officially founded on April 15th 2017. After almost a decade of gaming, Jesse “Wulfy” Hamberg and Alex “

Capital needed

EUR 24,000

United Kingdom, London

I am interested in starting a supermarket business, funding needed is TT$200,000 , this will include stock, shelving, equipment, advertisements, rental of business place.  More details will be gi

Pakistan, Sindh

We Tele Device Service is a multipurpose Engineering Company, consultant, solution. Supplies & providing Services regarding, Telecommunication, Electrical, Civil Networking, Fabrication & Rene

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000

Thailand, Bangkok

*****.COM is a unique online/offline platform for international trade, logistics operations, marketing and advertising. It is easily scalable globally and capable of generating returns through several

Capital needed

USD 1,300,000

Australia, Queensland

OFFER OVERVIEW We are offering you to take part in development of the Submarine Tours attraction in multiple locations over span of 3 - 5 years. Submarine Tourism has been proven to be an extreme