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Capital needed

USD 300,000

USA, Texas

The Potentials of Investing in Liquidified  petroleum Gas (LPG) in Nigeria.The need to establish liquidified petroleum gas (LPG) bottling outlet is critical, as I have discovered that the need an

Capital needed

USD 6,100,000

USA, Misuri

We have an oil and gas project that is need of 6.1M cash out refi USD. 5.2 to refi current debt and 900k to expand. All current debts are current as well as permits etc. Up and running and cash flowin

Capital needed

€ 1,000

USA, California

I live near hundreds of mines, most are near or in Joshua Tree, it's a national parkMaking that area off limits.Lots of potential, cracks and crevices, sniping With dowsing rods basically older w