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Capital needed

USD 1,300,000

India, Telangana

We have got a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from a reputed client in India, Who is in to molding sector and in the industry since last 30 years. The proposed capacity of the project is 2.3 MW whose p

Capital needed

USD 3,000,000


Seahorse Management Company Limited (SMCL) recently identified an investment opportunity in an Emerald Mine in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. According to the Geological report, the value of the p

Germany, Bayern

We have mandates for various projects, which should be financed to 100%. Also partnerships are possible up to 60%. Our clients take no foreign travel if there are no contract proposal and reject init

Capital needed

€ 250,000

USA, Virginia

Product Solar Panel i.e. a panel designed to absorb the sun's rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Product lasts for 20 to 25 years it can be on grid or off grid. The kit

USA, Texas

3mm note with refinery permit, port lease, and secondary midstream asset as collateral.170,000bpdTotal project funding secured2x return within 12 months with a 1% equity kicker in the refinery. U

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Singapore, Central Region

The Ownership Solar Clean International Pte Ltd is Singapore Private Ltd Company. The company has 30% local ownership and 70% Foreign owner ship. The 30% local ownership means we are classed as a loc

Capital needed

USD 6,593,740

India, Himachal Pradesh

Hi Sir / Madam,I have a client who wants to start a hydropower plant project in Himachal ( India ).My Client needs an Investor who can invest money around 50crore INR in this project for which he will

Antigua and Barbuda

The Solar Murtling Turbine Engine is a Renewable Energy Technology. It is a new invention and holds potential for massive energy production. It is based on the solar sail concept. I just need enough t

Capital needed

EUR 500,000


Dear Reader,The fast urban development accompanied by population growth has brought aboutchallenges to communities on waste disposal, air, ground and water pollution as wellas vehicle emissions. Our m

Spain, Málaga

Our system generates electric energy by fluid movement inside the water pipeline. Can be used in residential houses, buildings, industries, shopping malls. All is needed is a water reservoir and certa

Germany, Bayern

Our projects are ready to build or launch-ready status.The amounts depending on the project between 8,000 EUR and EUR 170 million.There are up to 49.9% (partnership) or 100% financing possible, as we

Turkey, Ankara

He was born to produce energy without using fossil fuels and is the registered innovator at the Turkish Innovation Recording Institute

Capital needed

EUR 8,500,000

Turkey, Ankara

.   List of products in the field of renewable energy.   0. An electric generator and a renewable energy plant that eliminates the use of fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel.&

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Israel, Northern District

Imagen a bird friendly wind turbine that has low levels of sound operation that goes between 25db and up to 38db that can produce 87,000 kw a year at the low annually 5 meter for a second average