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Switzerland, Vaud

Green Fortress Engineering Inc. (GFE) is a leader in the design and development of next generation of Hydrogen Storage. GFE’s Hydrogen Ultra Storage (H2US) solution takes planet stewardship t

Germany, Bayern

We have mandates for various projects, which should be financed to 100%. Also partnerships are possible up to 60%. Our clients take no foreign travel if there are no contract proposal and reject init

Capital needed

USD 3,000,000


Seahorse Management Company Limited (SMCL) recently identified an investment opportunity in an Emerald Mine in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. According to the Geological report, the value of the p

Capital needed

USD 1,500,000

United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

We are looking for equity/debt partners to raise $1.5 million in exchange for up to 20% of our company.  We have invested over $5 million hard cash to evaluate and another $6 million in stock to

Capital needed

USD 13,000,000

Peru, Lima

Gold mine in Peru.Currently has a concentrator plant that has a capacity of 30 tons, with direct cyanidation. Exploiting mainly the Patricia vein, producing monthly, between 5 to 8 kilos of gold

Germany, Bayern

Our projects are ready to build or launch-ready status.The amounts depending on the project between 8,000 EUR and EUR 170 million.There are up to 49.9% (partnership) or 100% financing possible, as we