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To date, many enterprises in Russia and Kazakhstan are processing wood, which is why a lot of production waste is generated, which is not recycled by enterprises and is dumped to landfill, or so

South Africa

Hello dear, I am the owner of a company  manufacturing furnitures and cupboards, lack to finance we relied on orders, but we need to expand our business and have my own factory to start deli

Capital needed

€ 50,000

South Africa, Mpumalanga

Our core business is Detergent products manufacturing.we manufacture detergents such as Dishwashing Liquid, fabric softener, household bleach, Drain cleaners, Liquid hand soap, Degreaser, window clean

Capital needed

USD 500,000

USA, Alabama

Manufacturing / Fabrication Business, seeking investor, new business will be located in Grandbay AL, just outside of Mobile.This new business will manufacture and fabricate,Pipe Supports, Equipment Fo

Capital needed

€ 300,000


I seek for investor for my organic biscuit in Kaduna state of Nigeria where there's a biggest market with no biscuit production company to satisf

USA, Illinois

Strebl Green Carbon, LLC provides an environmentally friendly way for resource recovery of carbon black and derived solvents from used tires and supply back to rubber and chemical industry. Company is

Capital needed

USD 250,000

Philippines, Laguna

We are the World's first company to succeed to integrate anti-mosquito in mass consumers products such Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener or Floor Cleaner.We also developed a unique device to clip on

Capital needed

EUR 100,000


Necesito Financiacion hasta 100 000EURO. Tengo que invertir en una empresa de diseño y fabricacion ascensores la base de la fabrica "L****** (Spain) en la zona franca de pais Armenia. La empresa