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Capital needed

EUR 4,000,000

Austria, Steiermark

Does the social media landscape still make sense? Why do users get lost to existing platforms in times of fake profiles, fake news and hate comments? What is true and what's not? Who has the ans

USA, Indiana

We currently have our writers working on a "Choices" type game (which is available on Google Play) to have different characters, more choices and more responsiveness to user requests. This will h

Capital needed

USD 150,000

USA, Florida

S****** Coin Corporation is a company that is transparent, laser focused, and  direct with the intention to rebuild and empower all Global Black Communites. Our Team is well prepared and experien

Capital needed

USD 25,000

India, Tamil Nadu

LifeTout is an application that will allow the user to create their own portfolio. export resume, create a blog, create business / personal pages, make friends, unique account. It will also