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Capital needed

USD 15,000

Argentina, Córdoba

El objetivo del proyecto es el desarrollo de una red social orientada al nicho de gestoría del automotor, que permita brindar soluciones a personas que necesitan gestores del automotor y a los mismos

Capital needed

EUR 1,000,000

UAE, Abu Dhabi

Alphology is a new company registered with the Department of Trade Industry with registration number Reg no: 2015/388158/07 and tax number Tax No: 948799616 and has finally come up with a solution to

Capital needed

USD 500,000


The main idea is to establish comfortable relationships between patient - doctor - hospital - pharmacy. It includes information on the results of the examination, information on the doctor, analysis r

Capital needed

USD 25,000

India, Tamil Nadu

LifeTout is an application that will allow the user to create their own portfolio. export resume, create a blog, create business / personal pages, make friends, unique account. It will also

Capital needed

USD 22,000

USA, Indiana

We are T***** Software LLC and we have a couple of new exciting games in development for which we need monetary support to make them even better! Our first idea is based on a real-life video seri

Capital needed

EUR 3,000,000

Hong Kong

Ultramodern IT-based solutions for solving world's burning problems in IT, waste management and construction. Based on our partners' technologies, but extended to a new, integrated level with high and

Capital needed

USD 2,000,000


We have built a revolutionary holographic 3D display that project images into floating space.Our technology is used in several industries including the following,E-Sports Gaming, Casino Slot Machines,