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Capital needed

USD 4,500,000


Company OverviewPROCOOR is established on 31-7-2011 as an Egyptian Limited Liability Company located in Cairo, Egypt.PROCOOR is an enterprise-oriented platform used to manage streamline and enhance bu


The company has been running for 8 years on providing IT solutions to Thai Government and Private sectors with great profits. The Internet of Things (IoT) growth trend is rising.The company is raising

Capital needed

USD 50,000

India, West Bengal

World largest freehand drawing stock images.We are an online web company with the best database on freehand drawings conceived by expert graphic designers. Clients can choose the drawings, customize t

Capital needed

€ 350,000


Collaboration work flows for both SIs and End users on buy and sell 

Capital needed

USD 10,500


D*** TRADE THE WORLD is International Trading Company (Trade Stocks, Futures and Forex).  Use their technology and their trading capital with high pay out. The company earn money only when THE O

Capital needed

USD 150,000

Indonesia, Kalimantan [Borneo]

Du-Hai! - is a first Startup Community in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. There's a Co-Working space and Meeting room/Conference Hall space to the new entrepreneur to rent. Also we de

United Kingdom, Wales

*****.com is an online portal for a small and medium level businesses to manage their accounting (POS, Inventory, Sale/Purchase, expense management, staff attendance, marketing, social media), also bu

Austria, Oberösterreich

tonestro - the world's first MUSIC EDUCATION GAME for wind instruments. tonestro gives live feedback on the played music, offers exciting and varied challenges and connects musicians from all over the

Capital needed

USD 250,000

Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Am running my business of selling & buying of Laptops & Systems.Am looking for persons who can invest with me for purchasing of Laptops. In return i will 50% of monthly profit.Regards