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USA, Delaware

Profesional Online Invoicing SystemNow you can create your invoices quickly and easily and send to your customers by emailManagement of Customer and Suppliers InvoiMax allows you full c

USA, Delaware

Sistema Profesional de Facturación online!Ahora puedes crear tus facturas de una forma rápida y sencilla y enviarlas a tus clientes por email.Gestión de Clientes y ProveedoresInvoiMax t

Capital needed

GBP 250,000

United Kingdom, South East

A Health and Safety platform to control access to operated construction plant and vehicles.The application is free at point of entry but carries a monthly subscription per user to access the full suit

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Turkey, İstanbul

NOSQLServer is a client-server side architectural NOSQL DBMS. (Database Management System)