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Canada, Nueva Escocia

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary is proud to announce the forthcoming commencement of the Genesis Sale for PUFFScoin. PUFFScoin is an independent EVM blockchain which will leverage smart-contracts a

Capital needed

USD 1,058,200

USA, California

PROJECT OVERVIEWThe fantasy sports arena is a unique and growing business. Starting in 1988 with an estimated 500,000 players, the industry has grown to an average of 57 million players a year Ev

Capital needed

USD 650,000

Saudi Arabia

we are building a platform for creating 100% custom travel booking tools and packages that will rely on multi of choices of desires destinations and budget limit.Our platform will free the traveler co

Ireland, Leinster

B****** is an platform where homeowners can upload their project requirements and the platform will recommend a builder to the client based on the clients requirements and the builder abilities. This

Capital needed

EUR 500,000

Czech Republic

S******.com is an E commerce website which is created for SMEs and Individuals in Africa for a safe and secure way of doing business and expanding their market.S****** s.r.o. is a Czech internet and t

Paraguay, Asunción

Brazilian Pet Market Brazil is the third market in the world of Pet products, behind only the U.S. and the U. K. In order to demonstrate that, I send the link of the journalistic matter

India, Haryana

We're developing website and mobile aWe're developing website and mobile application to help seller and buyers limited geographical reach and unaddressed fashion products by launching fashion e commer

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000

Thailand, Bangkok

*****.COM is a unique online/offline platform for international trade, logistics operations, marketing and advertising. It is easily scalable globally and capable of generating returns through several

Capital needed

EUR 700,000

United Kingdom, London

We are developing Deseeo, a gamified social network focusing on users' wishes, which we like to call The Worldwide Altruism Network.Our platform in short: Users can make any wish on the website, and