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Online Billing & Accounting System

Project No: #16120
Capital needed
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Minimum investment per investor: 1
Country: USA
State: Delaware
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: The system can be easily customized to any country, any language, as any currency or tax
What you offer to investors?: Manage your own business. A business with a high potential of the future.

We are NOT requiring funds, only partners, who do not have to put money, to expand our business in all countries

Profesional Online Invoicing System
Now you can create your invoices quickly and easily and send to your customers by email

Management of Customer and Suppliers
 InvoiMax allows you full control over your customers and suppliers, with individual files for each customer or supplier,

Recurrence invoices
InvoiMax allows you to schedule the automatic invoicing of recurrence payments, sending the invoices the automatic way.

Calendar Collections and Payment
InvoiMax allows you to easily control the expiration day of yout receipts and payments, providing easy management of your balances.

Create and to send invoices, delivery notes and proforma invoices without limit, en any currency.
View, edit and re-print invoices, delivery notes and proforma invoices.
Convert delivery notes and proforma invoices in invoices.
Process payments of expense invoices.
Export invoices, delivery notes and proforma invoices without limit in pdf, doc or excel format.
Customization of documents.Automatic numbering of invoices, delivery notes and proformas.
Add and modify taxes according to your needs.
Recurrence invoices (the system automatically sends your invoices in the date scheduled).

Suppliers and Customers
Unlimited customers.
Unlimited suppliers.
Customizable fields for each customer / supplier.
Individual reports of each customer / supplier.
Possibility to import customers.

Simple insertion of your expense invoices.
Display and edit expenses
Allocation of expenses to suppliers.
Attach documents or images to your expenses.

Unlimited products.
Stock control.
Possibility of adding attributes to products (size, color, weight, etc.).
Possibility to import products.

Statistics and Reports
Sales reports, by date, by customer, total sales...
Invoices reports by date, by customer...
Expenses reports by date, by customer...
Statistics of taxes.
Statistics of sales by product, product / customer...
Visualization of the amounts or pending invoices.

Different user's levels...
Different roles for each level of access...
Customers can have access to their invoices....
Multi-company or multi-delegation system....
Unlimited branch offices.
Multilanguage system...
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish...

Automatic daily backup of all data.
Manual backup at any time of the data for each user/company.
Possibility to export your backup.

It allows to create and to send Invoices, Delivery Notes, Proforma invoices, Tickets, Receipt, Purchase Orders, etc
You can convert Delivery Notes, Proforma invoices or Tickets to Invoices.
You can schedule recurrences invoices, useful for subscriber systems

It allows to insert expenses easy and fast way.
The expenses can be displayed by date, supplier, unpaid, paid, etc.
You can to add file to expenses (pictures files, pdfs, docs, excel...)

View full taxes reports paid or unpaid. 
The reports can be displayed by dates, customers, supplier

Control of Stock
Enter your products and the system will inform you at all time the quantity each product...

Customizable to any country
The system can be easily customized to any country, any language, as any currency or tax
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