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Capital needed

USD 2,000,000

India, Kerala

Respected Sir, Assalamualaikkum wa rahumathullahi va barakathhu.....well, my name shanimon jalal shahulhameed, from kerala -india., presently i am working a private nursing home as administrato

Spain, Islas Baleares

Se trata de la creación y puesta en marcha de una empresa funebre  con todos los servicios en la Isla de Menorca, para ello pretendo construir un tanatorio en  Ciudadela, del que ya dispongo

Poland, Greater Poland

Opening of a veterinary clinic, a hairdresser for dogs and a pet shop in one room. It is very convenient and efficient for customers. All animals, from all over the world and their owners, go to clini

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Singapore, West Region

S****Care™Pte Ltd is a privately owned medical device company that specializes in development, commercialization   and   manufacturing   of   world-class 

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000

India, Maharashtra

IntroductionThe health care in developing economies is being delivered using Primary Healthcare Center (PHC). These Health Centres are in excess of one million just in African continent alone. In addi

Germany, Hamburg

Grancare´s Software improves the level of care and the safety of elderly people through digital technologies.Highly innovative Smart Home Sensors register daily activities and send them to the softwar

Capital needed

USD 500,000


Due to its well-known and excellent therapeutic properties, we are committed to making the beta endorphin accessible for personal use.We are going to order batches of natural beta endorphin - 100 gram

Capital needed

USD 6,000

Colombia, Quindío

NormasSalud es una plataforma que contiene la normatividad en salud actualizada y por categorías, permitiendo a los pacientes hacer preguntas sobre las normas que requieran y es una guía para conocer