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Capital needed

EUR 100,000

United Kingdom, North West

I’m currently researching a new way of aiding the prevention of memory disorders patients who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s initially and I am currently developing a memory care questions for c

Capital needed

USD 2,500,000


The proposal is to expand the production capacity of the company’s herbal health products to meet the present and future demands and reach the entire regions in Ghana. This shall involve the building

Capital needed

EUR 21,544

South Africa, Gauteng

It is a Biokinetic practice that is situated within the Midstream Hill Medical Park. Total personnel is comprised of one person, Jan Lodevikus du Toit, who is a registered Biokineticist registered wit

Poland, Greater Poland

Открытие крупного предприятия на территории Польши г. Краков, как три варианта бизнеса в одном, это Ветеринарная клиника для животных (с выездом на фермы и так далее) парикмахерской для животных (так

Russia, South

Я представляю суду инвесторы и спонсоры проекта и по запросу бизнес-План «Медицинский центр для женщин и Мужнн« Панацея », который будет расположен в курортном городе, расположенном между двумя морями

Capital needed

EUR 82,000


I need to construct health centre for the community  I need $82000 women move long distances in search for medical like 32 km of which they end up giving birth on the way  to the health cent

Capital needed

USD 70,000


We have established 4 Africa offices. Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and  Zambia.Currently we are operating and marketing  copy paper, office and school stationery here.Good demand for Hospital D