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AppUp - €90M profit in Y6

Project No: #17674
Capital needed
EUR 1,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 25000
Country: Sweden
State: Stockholm
Reason for needing Capital: Staff
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: - Automated system for getting an app
- "Squarespace of apps"
- Public beta released soon
- Unique market within software, M-Commerce and apps
- 790 000 potential customers -- in Sweden alone
What you offer to investors?: We believe that AppUp already in Y6 can turn around €100M, but in this early stage the full investment of €1M is worth 30%.
Business plan:
Additional documents:

Although 90% of mobile time is spent in apps, more than 80% of companies can't afford one. Until now. AppUp is your 1st to market template-based app factory, ready to upgrade every company out there.

Imagine being a taxi company feeling stressed about Uber. So why not let them start their own Uber-inspired service? Using one of AppUp's app templates it's easy, and adding functions like payments, GPS, push-notifications and IoT allows you to truly upgrade your business.

Traditional app development requires a big investment, which is the main reason why AppUp has almost 800 000 potential customers - in Sweden alone. Small businesses without their own app (and without huge marketing budgets), although they'd benefit from one:

- Shops can start their own M-Commerce platforms
- Barbershops can let customers book appointments
- Companies can build internal maintenance and booking apps
- Entrepreneurs can start brand new app-based business

Our main target group is small businesses, start-ups and private companies that offer some kind of service and has a need of direct communication with customers and/or emplyees. In Sweden alone there are 790 000 companies that fit into that description, and these companies will eventually need an app. Every study show that apps tomorrow will have the same role as websites have today.

There is no service like AppUp. There are some cluttered "create your own app by drag-and-drop" services, as well as regular webpage builders and CMS's. but the only actual competition are traditional web agencies. But they are not interested in creating custom apps for anything less that €30 000, and this is what makes AppUp unique and offers perfect timing.

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