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Capital needed

GBP 30,000

United Kingdom

My Name is Douglas Battaglia founder and owner of the Company Douglas Entertainment Ltd My passion for Innovative Marketing started more than 20 years ago in Switzerland where I grew up and raise

India, Bihar


Capital needed

USD 25,000

USA, Indiana

The Garden Show by T***** Software LLC is a video series featuring a real garden which takes the garden from the planning stages, selecting what to plant, plant and garden care, how to deal with pests

Capital needed

USD 90,000

South Africa, Gauteng

Africahead is a publisher, registered as close corporation in South Africa. The business owns two low budget websites. www.******* publishes digital books, about philosophy. www.****** pub

Capital needed

EUR 100,000

USA, Delaware

Stringershub helps the media receive video content created by stringers from any region. Stringers are professional freelance journalists; There are more than 1,000 stringers in our database from 71 c