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Aquaculture (RAS) project located in Kazakhstan

Project No: #18139
Capital needed
USD 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50,000.00
Country: Kazakhstan
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Investment in Aquaculture project
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Whitebait / Fresh Fish / Caviar
What you offer to investors?: subject to negotiation

Business model
   This project will provide wide range of population of South Kazakhstan region with fresh fish (sturgeon) by affordable price and in close proximity to the places of distribution and consumption, meantime will generate new employment and fulfill market niche. 
Project development and production expansion will make possible restoration of ecological balance and the increase in the population of herbivorous fish (carp) for intensive cleaning of lakes in Kazakhstan 

   Whitebait / Fresh Fish / Caviar 
Location (place and country)
   Shymkent, Kazakhstan 
A brief history of our company
   Enterprise established since 2003 by Igor Shakov. Current project takes first steps in 2010 starting with idea generation and business model development to hangar construction. In 2013 we bought caviar and started to grow whitebait. 
Current number of employees
Proof of concept
   Current achievement is grown up 3 y.o. fish that partially got sold and partially left for further grow.
Business uniqueness
   For the first time in the south of Kazakhstan will be developed and introduced an innovative technology based fisheries development and environmental cleaning of the lake, through the Aquaculture grown to install recirculation (RAS). Resolution of social problems, improvement of well-being, and local employment by involving the sphere of material production. Restoring the ecosystem of a particular region. Ensuring local food market in fishery products within the country. 

Vision for the company in 5 years
   In 2 years will be reached break even point. By 2021 company will produce caviar as a final product and will distribute it through well developed channels of internal and external markets. 
Briefly experience of the team
   A) Managing Director - Shakov Igor. In 1996 he graduated with honor from the Kazakh State Agrarian University, faculty - veterinary, profession - doctor of veterinary medicine. In 2012 - 4 -x monthly comprehensive practice on commercial sturgeon breeding plant Konakovo.
B) The Deputy Director – Bazhan Oksana. Higher education - Shymkent branch of the International Kazakh-Turkish University “Yasavi” (1990 - 1995), qualification - the technical disciplines.
2015- till now - Management support services for marketing and development of e-business plans.
2014- 2015. - Economist of 1 category of economic analysis department, assessing the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the business of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of SKO.
2012-2014. - Manager of project support department of LLP "Business Service Center".
2010-201 2 years. - Manager of the Department of entrepreneurship development and monitoring in LLP "Regional Investment Center" Maximum ". 
Key competitors
   LLP "Aksanat Engineering" - very expensive project- received large loans at a higher interest rate, as well energy-intensive project. 
Brief overview of the market
   Hospitality/Restaurants as well as direct consumers 

Current invested capital

Capital required
Proposed use of capital
   Investing in fixed assets and working capital for the full implementation of the project. 

Our project already proved it's viability by success distribution of whitebait around the country and by investing in this project today we will create proper environment to reach main aim of the project - final product - fresh fish and caviar.

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