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E commerce website

Project No: #18197
Capital needed
EUR 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: n/a
Country: Czech Republic
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: We have a global vision and want to expand our operations.
We have been in discussions with manufacturers and companies.
We are currently working on a deal with Nike Inc.
We have ready customer to purchase our products
We have creative and structured business model which will be profitable to the company and our customers.
Our main aim is to introduce the safe and secured paymet for business and provide quality goods and services to our customers.
What you offer to investors?: I would like to give 15% equity of the company in return for a 500,000 euros investment
Business plan:

S******.com is an E commerce website which is created for SMEs and Individuals in Africa for a safe and secure way of doing business and expanding their market.

S****** s.r.o. is a Czech internet and technology based company which provides services to individuals, small- and medium-sized companies. Our services include delivering innovative solutions throuh the creation of the most robust marketplace website for African SMEs and also be an internet based retailer in Africa and the world as well. We operate from Brno, Czech Republic.  Our main aim is to introduce the secured way of doing faster and secure business through the use of credit cards and other online payment to curb fraudulent activities as there are no platforms with these technologies in Ghana which protects individuals and sellers. We will start operation in Ghana by September this year if we are able to raise the funds needed

The target audience for S****** s.r.o. is business owners, human resources directors, SMEs who want to increase productivity and reduce selling costs and also individuals Specifically, we specialize in Our business is in the e-commerce industry. The e-commerce industry is growing very fast and we see Africa as great market for this kind of industry. There are not so many platforms in Africa as it is in Europe and America. We believe S******.com can also help SMEs in Africa reach out to the world. With 1.216 billion population of African we project a large market even within Africans who can make business between themselves. Africa is continent  with open market to eCommerce but needs to be secure and  faster way of doing business.
•    S******.com was launched on 13th January, 2017
•    We have a finished website (https://S******.com/) which was built on Magento scripts and we are working on building it from the scratch which will add more features.
•    We have a Facebook page ('******/)' and we are on Twitter as S******.com. 
•    We have been in discussions with some manufacturers and companies in Ghana who are interested in doing business on the platform.
•    We have other individuals who are interested in selling their products on our platform.   

We want to start operation in Ghana September this year or Earlier. In the next five years we are looking to cover at least 10 African countries or more. Our vision is to provide opportunities for everyone through e-commerce taking advantage internet and technology with the secured and safe way of payment. We need investors to invest and get involved to assist with their expertise, knowledge and money as well. 

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