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Financial investissement request

Project No: #18208
Capital needed
EUR 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: Tunisia
State: Tunis
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Highlights of our project:

- fragrant pasta, thus an important added value
- existence of a promise and a sales contract in France for the entire production
- Abandons and very low purchase cost for truffles and chanterelles
- tax exemption and social security for 10 years
- very low labor costs
- the industrial process is fully automated and autonomous
What you offer to investors?: We offer a percentage of the capital
And if the investor so desires his contribution can be converted into bond.
- a negotiable franchise opportunity in an exclusive geographical area

The total investment amount is TND 6,400,000, ie € 2,560,000.
The capacity that will be installed is 1100 kG / H, this capacity can increase if the funds available for financing are larger.
The project's financial study shows that the increase in production capacity increases profitability.

The financial study shows a positive VAN and a TRI of 19% with a PAYBACK less than 3 years.
The main promoter; Is a former General Manager of a flour and semolina factory, retired from a management school in 1994.
His experience in the field for 15 years began in the year 2000.

The location of the project is a rural zoner that requires a development effort to make the inhabitants work and energize the entourage.
Our funding request focuses essentially and solely on the financing of materials (production lines)
Financing may relate to a single production line; The line of Italian origin (supplier ITALPAST) in the amount of 1 350 000 Euro;
Our request is about 500 000 Euro to complain the investissement
.For the moment no bank or private credit has been committed. It concerns only own funds

The industrial and administrative buildings that house the project are ready. It lacks small works of development in duration is estimated to 60 Days.

The staff who will be hired in this project; Will be trained for a period of 60 days; Followed by further training by the equipment suppliers.

Your contribution will be totally devoted to the acquisition of materials of European origin (Italy, Ukraine). So if agreed, you directly supervise the payment of suppliers chosen by you and us.

The type of financing sought is medium term (90 months), and this financing may be direct loan (by direct payment from suppliers) or a material lease, or the lessor (s) retains ownership of the equipment up to Payment of the annuities and the residual value.

We want your participation in the capital partly of your contribution, and part of it in the form of a loan, or a bond.

The financial study is ready, and we are ready to send you immediately in case our proposal is eligible for your establishment.

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