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Project No: #18221
Capital needed
USD 400,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 100,000
Country: India
State: Maharashtra
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: High growth potential of industry we are in
High profitability of products chosen
Established products in market, with very good acceptability of taste, quality
Market segmentation done according to top selling categories
Own brands registered in each category
What you offer to investors?: Good returns on capital
Good branding in each category
High growth potential in the near and long term
Steady and committed team and owners dedicated to the business

We are an established food company since the last 20 years, but have pivoted to a completely new model of manufacturing gourmet foods to replace expensive imported foods in India. The categories we cover are : Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese & Indian. Each category has its own brand, and the quality and taste match international standards of top brands.

This model of manufacturing has been started a year ago, and we have already registered our products and brands in various gourmet supermarkets, and have a country wide network. The acceptability is very good, and the feedback is positive from all clients, as well as the products have been vetted by top international chefs in various 5-star hotels too. We wish to enter the food service segment too, which has a vast potential, and the growth of both retail and food service is very high. Our prices are much lower than the imported foods, thereby giving us a unique advantage, and continuity of supply is also assured. 
We need to expand production and also have a range of new products lined up, which has a large market requirement, and based on our specialized knowledge and experience, we know exactly which categories have a high demand and potential, so that we can target only specialized categories which have the maximum potential for high growth. Expansion will mean investment in new machinery, automation, as well as spends in growing the brands, in marketing setup and publicity, etc.

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