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Solar Steam Power Plant - Mini

Project No: #18233
Capital needed
EUR 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 20000
Country: South Africa
State: Gauteng
Reason for needing Capital: Research & Development
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Green free Energy Steam Power Generation. Low maintenance
Great Opportunity for African Market with great potential:
In Home sector, farming and Office/Industrial.
With huge amount of hot water (generating from steam condensing heat exchange).
Hot water than can be used for general heating applications: house/office/workshop heating, geyser feed, Swimming pool/Jacuzzi heating, Process Plant heat requirement (farming, etc).
What you offer to investors?: My intention is to attract buyer/investor and pre-sell 25 units at cost + 10%, where the investment will be used to develop the first unit, and the R&D cost will be shared with other 24 units.
Additional documents:

Most of small and medium users today consider PV Panels as Solar Power Source of Electrical energy. Pv Panels prices are in decline, but their efficiency and vulnerability are driving the costs and the payback time.  However, in remote areas as well as an alternative to run crucial back-up equipment, they are justifying the cost.

 However, domestic and small business can not afford the cost and ongoing high operational cost (durability, cell material tiredness, etc)
 We would like to initiate another aspect of using the sun as the energy source, the Steam Heat Power Generation.

 The current world trend is showing some serious progress in this field, but the costs of “imports” and lack of larger production quantities, are making these plants to costly.
 There are many various approaches to the Steam Power Generation, from biofuel to solid fuel.
 The advantage of our approach is that we want to use the “free” fuel (Sun Insolation)  as well as the “Steam Quality” is not critical, as we would like to use the Steam Engine to drive the AC Electrical Alternator.
 Majority of our “Plant” equipment will be locally fabricated so we can avoid “import” costs and delays, as well as organising the maintenance and the support network In south Africa as well as the rest of the continent and abroad.
 We would like to create a development/testing facility so we can create ongoing improvements to our designs and drive the cost down.
 Our initial design is based on 20HP Steam Engine that drives 10kWe AC Alternator. The ideal unit for a small holdings, farms, private house and small business.  The module can be multiplied to required capacity (20kWe, 30Kwe,…)
 The unit is relatively small, and very easy to install. The operating costs are very low, with minimum required maintenance.

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