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Medical Tourism India

Project No: #18316
Capital needed
EUR 70,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 25000
Country: India
State: Delhi
Reason for needing Capital: Staff
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Medical Tourism is growing 25% each year and total global medical tourism was 10000 million USD in 2016
In India total medical tourism business was 7 million USD and total international patient's come to India was 200365 in 2016
This project is for global medical agency which will take care of treatment, accommodation, transport and visa
We are starting this project from India it will cover 30-40 countries in next 2yrs
What you offer to investors?: 20% equity in company with royalty​

We , the medical doctors of India have come together to create a platform to serve and to reach out to patients and help them out with the best of our abilities and utilize our knowledge for the greater good of the society

With a team of more than 100 core doctors and more than 1000 associated doctors and with major hospitals linked up with us across the INDIA we aim to take the patient doctor relationship to the next level.
We work for international and Indian patient to find them right treatment and right doctors through our video portal and protect them legally
Our speciality-
a)      We protect you from not only substandard medical service but also protect you legally
b)       A personal Physician- Your guide your friend and your advisor
c)       Lets make you feel comfortable-We cover all corners and smoothen all edges
d)      We are family and we will be there for you
e)      Follow ups , constant rechecks and be constantly in touch with your physician
f)       Medicine meets technology
g)      Just remember to take your clothes leave the rest to us
We at Mount Sinai aim to make that decision making process an easier one for you,with our team of doctors spread across India ,we carefully dissect your needs and your ailment,sort out through the vast web of hospitals and choose the best doctors and treatment facility, so that your loved one can get the best form of treatment out there and you leave the hospital disease free and with a smile and not with long overdue bills which can change the financial landscape of your family. 
Unlike others, we are a team of doctors who aim to revamp the present doctor patient relationship and remove the shroud of secrecy and create a system which is transparent and bring to the forefront the best brains of our country at your service so that you can receive the best treatment in the most affordable way. 

Mount S.

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