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we need 604621032,17 euro for our company buildings and salary costs when hiring

Project No: #18349
Capital needed
EUR 60,462,103,217
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Minimum investment per investor: 604621032,17
Country: Norway
Reason for needing Capital: Buying Properties
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: plasma fuel 77, motor 77, fuel cell converter, time delayer, alpha beta cell converter, Space drone wx, Pandemic coma machine, salt accumulator microscopic robot that sucks blood clooths in the veins
What you offer to investors?: we offer a long term plan to pay from the surplus (overturn)
Business plan:

we now need funding for buildings for Productions in three areas of norway bergen, aalesund, and sola/sandnes, stavanger

we hope you will partner up With us beliving in Our Products.

the rest of the Money will be invested in contracts and the Companies which we plan to start

and to start Our Portifolio of ideas and Companies

among them robotic drilling for oil and gas in Space and in the Third world a nuf Company With a branch in norway.

Medical progress on Fields such as psychosis medicine and robots to suck blood cloths

internally in the body. and other Appliances which we can use to enhance night vision in humans and better aiding of hearing, based on blowflies. under Jete biopharmaceutical as

and we are also interested in using one of Our solutions to bring Diamonds to Earth and mars

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