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Daily Bagel

Project No: #18373
Capital needed
USD 10,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1
Country: USA
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: Ray Croc, Walt Disney, Dave Thomas all visionaries that took their dreams to reality and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs. They weren't expecting their establishments to be successful, but they kept believing and had faith that their ideas would be a hit, and they were. Daily Bagel can be the next most popular eatery in the world, but it will take the right investor who shares the same innovative and original mindset to realize the potential of Daily Bagel.
What you offer to investors?: I will share my profits and all proceeds my establishment, if you climb aboard and help me launch my business.

On the go and need to check out your daily horoscope, sports stats? news headlines and top stories? Hungry?
At Daily Bagel we understand your time, information, entertainment and convenience is important.  That's why we designed a bagel press!
Your bagel has written headlines and stories every bite.
Our custom press uses food coloring dye and letter stamper to design every bagel.
You can personalize your bagels for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, parties, weddings, your significant other on valentines day! 
So why buy a newspaper or have a book to read before work in the morning when you can "get your fill with "culinary literature".

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