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AMF Global Ltd - Zietouna

Project No: #18475
Capital needed
USD 400,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: Hong Kong
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Our Harvesting & Manufacturing methods & process ensures we produce a High Quality Product every time.
We are certified & comply with International standards UNI EB ISO 22000:2005 CAT E
We are CISQ certified part of IQNet (International Certification Network)
Our product was awarded 1st Prize in the 2016 & 2017 HORECA Exhibition of Olive Oil for Oil destined for Overseas Markets.
We have low Cost Production
We have the ability to compete with establish products
What you offer to investors?: We are offering 3% for every US$100k invested, with Expected ROI within 2-3 years.
Up to 15% Equity offered depending on size of investment
Estimated investment required approx. USD 400k
Phase 1 USD 200k
Phase 2 USD 200k (Cash flow Requirement only. Secured against orders)
Executive summary:

Our Mission
To introduce and supply Lebanese olive oil to the global consumer market by taking a high quality product that has been enjoyed by the Lebanese for centuries and creating a premium brand that is superior in quality, taste, texture and price.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become a successful global supplier of high quality Lebanese olive oil while remaining true to our principles of quality and authenticity and our roots in Lebanese culture.

Our Difference
Our oil is an authentic regional product from northern Lebanon, where the type of tree commonly grown produces bigger and richer olives which give more oil of superior quality and flavor. As with wine, blending olive oils from different regions (as done by many Italian & Spanish suppliers in particular) irons out the distinctive regional character which we want to retain in our oil, resulting in a bland product.

Harvesting and processing are performed in the best way to optimize the quality of the oil. Olives are freshly pressed within less than 12 hours of being picked, using only those plucked from the tree, not any which have already fallen to the ground. The olives are put through a fully automated processing machine where the oil is extracted and stored in airtight stainless steel drums to protect its quality in preparation for bottling.

To guarantee our quality product from one region, one country, we operate a two-step control process whereby our oil is lab tested and certified in Lebanon, then retested on arrival in Hong Kong to ensure that it retains the certified characteristics.

As a small and scalable family business, we can be agile in reacting quickly to market demands.

Our product is supplied at a very competitive shelf price, positioning us to compete with bigger, more established, brands. 

More information about us & our products attached in the executive pack. 

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