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InovationPark business project

Project No: #18508
Capital needed
EUR 3,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 500,000.00
Country: Hong Kong
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Ultramodern IT-based solutions for solving world's burning problems in IT, waste management and construction. Based on our partners' technologies, but extended to a new, integrated level with high and long term development potential.
What you offer to investors?: Equity up to 30% of the project (for the total funding of 3M EUR)
Business plan:
Executive summary:

Ultramodern IT-based solutions for solving world's burning problems in IT, waste management and construction. Based on our partners' technologies, but extended to a new, integrated level with high and long term development potential. Big Data Analytics, Fintech, Smart City, Cloud ERP, Waste Management Model, Modular Construction Technology and many more integrated projects.

InovationPark has been recently established, but it has deep roots. It is based on many years of research and developing a very wide connection portfolio.

Our mission is to provide technologies and knowledge from Europe to the partners in Southeast Asia. Therefore we are dedicated to establishing valuable connections between European and Asian partners who want to find mutual interest on the win-win basis.

We have also been developing products that we see are missing in the world. With our in-house projects we want to empower local employees and incorporate their knowledge for localization of our products. Our mission is to create sustainable, efficient and powerful solutions for every day.

Our business project consists of three main departments: IT, Waste Management and Construction Department.

Information technology is strategic domain in business. Economy which has strong IT sector can grow practically without limits, because IT is connected with every other business area. Developing the IT sector in national economy is very important for new generations because it can be a strategic lever in education and employment. Overall economic status of the country today relies on the powerful IT branch. 

Waste management is becoming a very powerful business area. Recycling and reusing are important; circular economy is the new target in the global strategy. After all the experiences in western countries, we can say that economy which would incorporate successful waste management in its everyday activity would be adjusted to modern business principles. This includes the best possible management of the growing waste production, and subsequently efficient management of energetic resources. That economy will increase its productivity and competence not only in local region but internationally as well.  

Construction branch is a very important long term activity. It can generate steady revenue for wide range of businesses and its economical parameters influence other activities in every single country. However, low efficiency and tiny profit margins together with excessive using of natural resources ask for changes and transformation.

Joining all together, we have the following portfolio:

- partners' products: 1. Big data analytics platform, 2. Online payment solution and 3. Modern multimedia device
- planned in-house development: 1. Location based offering/advertisement/selling platform, 2. Ultramodern online ERP solution and 3. A few small business apps (online and mobile)

- partners' products: 1. Waste packing machine and 2. The latest gasification technology
- in-house development: Manage Your Waste - an integrated circular waste management solution - as a part of this solution, we have planned to develop a revolutionary game for solving of awareness problems all around the world and connected with business at the same time. This game will be developed in collaboration with our IT Department (a core) and it has meant to be localized in collaboration with state governments.

We have partnered with a small European team of architects and civil engineers to provide a unique, modular construction technology to the Asian market. It will be placed as our know-how, but connected with our IT and WM Departments and their products.

What differs us from other players today is our integrated approach in solving of world's burning problems. The IT and the clear vision are the keys for modern business in the process of building a better future. Technologies are here, IT is developing very fast and we have the missing part - THE VISION.

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