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Healthy meat processing and packaging

Project No: #18528
Capital needed
EUR 30,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 30,000
Country: Nigeria
State: Kaduna
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Having Procured a site already, with water source in an environment away from population density and suitable for keeping the animals our aim is to modify the structure present to fit an abattoir.
What you offer to investors?: 50% share in profit.

We aim to qualitatively process and package meat products, using an inert gas like nitrogen gas which is not toxic as a preservative and a perforated paper foil that is non-reactive as a packaging material. The products would meet regulatory agencies standards (Like that of NAFDAC (National Agency for food, drugs, administration and control), veterinary council of Nigeria and international best practices in this field. 

We shall satisfy our customers by giving them a meat product that is healthily processed and packaged for optimum enjoyment by providing a holistic product that meets health needs in an ecologically friendly way and making use of natural grass and soya-bean in our animal fattening procedures. 

And we intend also to give our customers opportunity of customization. Healthy protein extracts and white meat low in fats from chicken and grass-cutter for those customers who are prone to risks of high Cholesterol and cancer e.g. elderly people. So basically we shall be buying the live animals, fatten if not at desired weight, process and package healthily for onward sales. 

We are also favorably disposed to creating an app known as "Nama" (meaning meat in the local hausa parlance), so our customers could just be a click away from getting their favorite meat parts and products, and this service is to cover our state of business location. But only in the interim as we seek to expand, we can spread its reach. As in a state like Kaduna The third largest in Nigeria with a population of 6.5million people as at 2006, there is no standard abattoir yet with the attendant diseases risks.

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