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Bare Bones Western Town

Project No: #18529
Capital needed
USD 100,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10,000.00
Country: USA
State: Texas
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: The return will be significant, we already have such a tourist base here, this just ads to the nostalgic feel of the old west.
What you offer to investors?: The investors will have a total combined return of 25% for 5 years or a cap of 200,000 doubling the investment.

I have an RV park in Terlingua Texas that's deep southwest Texas. Terlingua was a mining district and census-designated place in southwestern Brewster County, Texas, United States. It is located near the Rio Grande and the villages of Lajitas and Study Butte, Texas, as well as the Mexican village of Santa Elena. I want to build an authentic Old town over my RV sites,, renting out rooms and such, holding shows at the theatre,, poker at the tables - and a real saloon feel.

According to the historian Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale, "Facts concerning the discovery of cinnabar in the Terlingua area are so shrouded in legend and fabrication that it is impossible to cite the date and location of the first quicksilver recovery." The cinnabar was apparently known to Native Americans, who supposedly used its brilliant red color for pictographs.

A man named Jack Dawson reportedly produced the first mercury from Terlingua in 1888, but the district got off to a slow start. The Terlingua finds did not begin to be publicized in newspapers and mining industry magazines until the mid-1890s. By 1900, four mining companies had recovered 1000 flasks in the district: Lindheim and Dewees, Marfa and Mariposa, the California, and the Excelsior. By 1903, they were joined by the Texas Almaden Mining Company, the Big Bend Cinnabar Mining Company, and the Colquitt-Tigner combine.

George W. Wanless and Charles Allen began working the area of California Mountain around 1894 based on reports of Mexican miners from as early as 1850. Ore was found in 1896. Jack Dawson, J.A. Davies and Louis Lindheim soon followed. A Terlingua post office was established in 1899 at the California Mountain mining community. The origin of the name Terlingua may be a corruption of Tres Lenguas, in reference to an early mine or local feature. By 1903, 3000 people populated the area. The mining center and post office eventually moved to the area of the Chisos Mine and the original settlement took on the name of Mariposa. People pay a lot to come here every year,, and would love to have this attraction, I'm always booked and so are my friends..

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