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G*****: The Orbital Intelligent Drone

Project No: #18534
Capital needed
EUR 1,200,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 300000
Country: Ukraine
State: Dnipropetrovsk
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Natural resources determination (minerals exploration) and disaster prediction.
Discover precious mineral deposits.
This is an Orbital Intelligent Drone.
What you offer to investors?: We are ready to discuss with investor/s any their interest. We are open and, hope, will come to any mutual understanding.

G******* will be a new low-cost space-based remote monitoring and forecasting satellite platform for real-time detection of anomalies in the gravitational field of the Earth, which can be used for various applications, such as natural resources determination (minerals exploration) and disaster prediction.
If  any anomalies (minerals concentration or volcano/ground plates activities) in the gravitational field are detected, these data are sent together with video pictures of the monitored region of the anomaly in real-time to a ground station, where they will be carefully analyzed.
Disorders in the gravitational field of the Earth are for instance caused by movements of tectonic plates in the lower or deep Earth underground. These movements are usually initiating earthquakes, bigger or smaller ones, depending how hard the tectonic plates are crushing into each other or diving underneath the neighboured tectonic plates.
The G******* satellite is equipped with a high-definition space gravity measurement  instrument, which is capable of discovering natural resources as well as predicting underground and underwater seismic dangers. This instrument measures small changes in the strength and direction of the Earth’s gravitational field.
This new exploration data can be used and integrated with other geophysical technologies, such as seismic, electromagnetic and magnetic technologies, to detect buried resources that current technologies cannot effectively discover.
The gravity measurement instrument allows to turn the top kilometre of the Earth’s crust into a “transparent” layer for mineral exploration and geophysical purposes. Furthermore, G******* will be equipped with a mid-resolution camera to provide real-time images and videos for continuous Earth observation.
The detailed information in dynamics you can see here –

The very sensitive gravitation sensors of G******* might be able to discover precious mineral deposits in outlying places of the Earth.
"Might be able" means: We don´t know exactly, because this will be the first time, this newly develloped highly sensitive sensors will be positioned on a space vehicle in orbit. On the UAVs, airplanes, vessels it works, and we beleive it'll work on satellite board too.
What makes G******* different ?
First: The size. We create a light, compact, small, but effective satellite.

Second: The price. We will use systems that already have prooven their function in space, but also components made by non space companies, like from the medical or automotive sector where high accuracy also is standart.
Third: We will use new, but state-of-the-art Manufacturing Technologies and New Materials.
This alone is a thrilling experiment and adventure itself, and if the work is succesful, it will change modern space technology for ground needs profoundly. 

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