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Intelligent Building and Energy Management Systems LLC - IBEMS

Project No: #18541
Capital needed
USD 400,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1,500,000,00
Country: USA
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Joint Venture (JV) cooperation
What you offer to investors?: Business plan and presentation will be provide
Will be discussed face to face.
Hight profit!

Intelligent Building & Energy Management Systems LLC (IBEMS) is a company that is under incorporation in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE with the business objectives of providing the installation, operation and maintenance solutions to real estate owners, developers and contracting companies for:
• Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS)• Energy Management System
The Company to focus on the BMS/BAS and BES solutions to the following end users in the market:
• Residential - multi-storied buildings, apartment complexes, small buildings, residential villas and palaces
• Commercial -malls, shopping centers, theme parks, office buildings, individual offices
• Hospitality – hotels, furnished apartments
• Public & Governmental – school, hospitals, government offices
Nowadays, the technology has become deep rooted into our everyday life. Even commercial, hospitality and residential buildings utilize a multitude of equipment and technologies such as access controls, lifts, air conditioning, fire alarms etc. These technologies are controlled by the standard interfaces provided by the manufacturer such as on-off manual or automated switch and/or online controls.
These building control technologies are where IBEMS intends to serve two segments through the following services:
Building Management System (BMS) / BAS
Building management systems are computer-based systems used to monitor and control building services such as:
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
• Fire, smoke detection and alarms
• Motion detectors, CCTV, security and access control.
• Lighting
• Lifts
• ICT systems, etc.
A key advantage of having a BMS/BAS is to have a unified interface and dashboard to monitor, control and automate the actions required to manage the multiple systems in a building.
Energy Management Systems (EMS)
These are computer controls to optimize the energy usage and costs of buildings through smarter planning and controlling of energy-consuming systems in a building. For e.g. reducing lighting, air-conditioning etc. in off-peak hours for a commercial building.
A key advantage of having an EMS is savings and reductions in energy costs and optimize its usage.
IBEMS Customer Segments
IBEMS customers fall broadly into three categories for the abovementioned end users or real assets.
As per local industry practice, projects under development are contracted by the developer to contractors in UAE for procurement, supply, installation, construction, testing and commissioning for the objectives of the built asset. It is rare to find a developer that does the complete projects in-house. Often these projects are projects are sub-divided by the developer in the following lines:
Main contractor
The role of the main contractor is to ensure the complete delivery of the final project e.g. a fully functional commercial building to the developer. Often the main contractor also undertakes the structural work of a building i.e. the foundations, concrete, blockwork and the external façade. The main contractor generally sub-contracts the following scope of works:
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Works
These include all the mechanical components such as lifts/elevators, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC), fire safety, electrical cabling, IT networking, plumbing, water supply, waste water etc.
The BMS/BAS and EMS are integrally in the scope of the works of the MEP contractor due to the systems interface with the equipment commissioned by the MEP contractor. The MEP contractors generally sub-contract this work to BMS/BAS and EMS specialist subcontractors.
Finishing Works
These include the lobby, tiling, ceilings, gypsum partitions, painting and other finishing works after installation of all fittings and accessories.
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E)
These are generally applicable to hospitality and furnished apartments for the supply of all the FF&E and OS&E items.
Strategic Objectives
Strategically, the Company has the following objectives:
• Establish its presence in the UAE and proactively identify prospective business opportunities
• Operate in the most efficient manner to maximize returns and minimize costs
• Constantly strive to protect its shareholders’ interests and maximize their returns in a sustainable manner
• Develop and inspire an innovative management team practicing high standards of integrity and professionalism at all times
• Build a highly-motivated workforce with excellent work ethics fully committed to the Company
• Offer efficient and courteous services to its clients
• Develop long-term relationships with third-party suppliers
• Outsource all activities that can be more effectively managed at lower costs than can be achieved by the Company itself
• Use the economies of scale of its third-party suppliers to its own advantage
• Invest in technology to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and give the Company a differentiated competitive edge
• Ensure that all operations are conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards and ethics
IBEMS Methodology & Approach
IBEMS considers the following three aspects as its core Methodology and approach to construction contracts:
• Engineering
• Procurement & Contractual Services
• Installation & Operations - Project Execution
IBEMS will assemble a professional Engineering Core Team encompassing relevant disciplines and aspects of BMS/BAS, BES and project management, including:
• Project Management
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Contracts & Procurement
• Information and Communication Technology
• Energy Management
• Procurement planning & strategies
• Project delivery methodologies
• Pre-qualification of subcontractors
• Preparation of SOW’s
• Reviewing and evaluating tender submissions
• Managing tendering process – queries & deadlines
• Negotiations and award of contracts
• Drafting and reviewing contractual documents
• Monitoring contractual compliance of consultants & contractors
• Claims and disputes
• Contractual agreements
Installation and Operations - Project Execution
Typically, the construction project execution activities comprise of:
• Contract Negotiation & Award
• Notice to Proceed
• Site Handover
• Project Management Plan
• Method Statements
• Master Programme
• Shop Drawings
• RFI’s
• Logistics Plan
• Suppliers & Subcontractors
• Cash Flows & Histograms
• Construction Progress
• QA/ QC
• Variations
• Claim Mitigation
• Testing & Commissioning
• Substantial Completion
• Snagging
• Project Hand Over
Ethical Standards
IBEMS will strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything. All Company employees will be required to adhere to a strict Company Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. This code sets standards of conduct for all business dealings, particularly with external parties including clients, business, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and the public.
Amongst other things, the codes state that each employee must, at all times, comply with the law; act honestly and with integrity; providing clients with a truly professional approach to contracting and endeavor not to place themselves in situations that could result in divided loyalties.
Ethics Committees, comprising senior executives and independent directors, to meet on a quarterly basis to review and discuss all ethical issues arising from the previous quarter.
Quality Management
Quality management is central to all IBEMS activities. The Company endeavors to provide its clients with a truly professional approach to contract delivery. It is IBEMS policy to provide superior service to its clients by understanding and responding to their needs and expectations and systematically managing their contracts.
The comprehensive quality systems provide objective and thoroughly documented evidence of a contract’s conformance to all regulatory and contractual obligations.
Occupational Health & Safety is a priority for the Company and its safety record is a key competitive advantage.
The Company is committed to providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for its employees and those under its care.
IBEMS’s aim is to eliminate all Class 1 accidents (accidents that either result in a fatality or that permanently alters a person’s life) and to minimize, and ultimately eliminate, all lost-time accidents on its sites.
Organizational Philosophy
The current functional structure consists of a vertical chain of command with centralized decision-making authority vested in the Chief Executive Officer and delegated to the various departmental controllers who are assisted by their technical and functional subordinates. The Company has kept the Organizational structure as flat as possible to ensure efficient communication across the board. The levels of management have been kept to a minimum so information can be relayed back and forth from the top of the organization to the bottom very quickly. This efficient communication ensures the Company remains dynamic and quick to adapt and respond to any required change. This type of hybrid organizational structure is not typical of many similar - sized organizations in the sector, therefore gives IBEMS a distinct competitive edge. As the Company matures and the core team is stabilized, the opportunity to streamline operations (including outsourcing more functions to third parties) could help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In addition, the Company could benefit by developing more horizontal communication channels between managers in different departments

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