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5MSIC streaming and download legal

Project No: #18547
Capital needed
EUR 250,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: United Kingdom
State: London
Reason for needing Capital: Buying Properties
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: We will need to build that project step by step etc. . .

Platform on demand live streaming and download legal and radio stream with TV OTT IPTV
What you offer to investors?: We offer to investors urge interested back guarantee for the company of tv live platform on demand with basics applications and add worldwide revenue
Business plan:

The project Is software platform of streaming audio and download legal  on demand with basics both applications and great OTT Tv with music mp3, mp4; films, documentaries, comics vod 4K and 5k; audio books and ebooks and video games and build a I I software streaming fm with ads Marketing digital services. 

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