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Social Project regarding Rape Culture with distribution seeking funding! Perfect timing!

Project No: #18586
Capital needed
USD 1,500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 500,000
Country: USA
State: California
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: We have talent already attached, monies already in place, just need the final touch to get this going! Also have world wide distribution deal! And this subject matter is on everyone's tongues!
What you offer to investors?: 15% Return of Investment and first monies paid

We have a substantial project, a feature length film that has A quality casting, with world wide distribution deal. It's subject matter??? Rape! It's ready to go, set to begin production, we're needing this final amount to get it going. We have the majority of the funding. As an investor you will be first to be paid out and receive 15% ROI.

The film packet is attached.

The subject matter is ideal with the times, with everything that is happening in the news. Especially within the entertainment industry. People are fed up. This project tackles the subject matter and handles it with strength and reality. It's well written and has an amazing team backing it.

Be a part of something substantial, invest and get your monies worth!

Thank you!

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