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Project No: #18658
Capital needed
USD 45,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 500
Country: USA
State: California
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: This new business model has no down side for the buyers or seller Thank You
What you offer to investors?: 6 times your investment in 3 years. or limited partner ship


                                                     U-CAN OWN INC.

                                                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                   8-29-2017

       The urgency to solve the secondary housing marketing all categories has Ben apparent since the collapse of the USA housing markets. U-can own Inc. We will do for real estate market what Uber has successfully accomplished for the transportation sector. The over whelming desire for the average person to own a home is staggering. The secondary housing market is ripe for the picking and U-can own inc. has the only solutions.


       U-can own inc. gives the perspective home buyer and the seller the process necessary to own or cell without conventional lending practices. Using our process we enable both seller and buyer to profit greatly, not the banks. This makes home owner ship simple and lucrative. The buyer pays nothing down and principal only payments on a designated contract period until the home is paid in full.

    There are tens of thousand of pre foreclosed homes (every day) in the USA. Circuit vision funding will be helping millions of people secure their dreams. We can save 90% of those homes up for foreclosure; we also make a minimum of 25% and more depending on the appraised value and equity at the time we step in.


      There are three other programs specifically designed for homes. They are free and clear homes and homes under water. Also homes with existing bank loans .All of these different categories will generate large amounts of revenue for the corporation. Each home we process generates a minimum of 7% to 15% at contract signing. The Free and clear home generates a large increase of property value that we add on to the currant appraised value.  In doing this the home owner makes more money and so do we.7% at signing and 10% service fee over the life of the contract.


     I am confident in our research and development. There is no negative down side to our product or procedures. With the investment from circuit vision funding Our Company without a doubt will be the trend setters in this space. Because we have the only process available to the public that will solve this housing dilemma. There is no competition in this secondary market except U-CAN OWN INC. Simply put by being the first to market across the United States assures us of the majority control of this space. With circuit vision funding and u-can own Inc. This means you will participate in our nation wide market sharing program.


    The capital required to start operating this program will not require further funding from the investors. The corporation will generate cash flow on the daily sales and will not require further funding.

    The corporation has three different sources of income. A service fee is collected from the sellers and buyers at contract signing. And a fee is charged the buyers for back ground check.




       The IP will be protected and a provisional patent will be filed. A patent will be submitted for revue as a servicing and processing patent by the patent office .This gives the corporation twelve to twenty four month to fend off the other companies entering our space.  


 Thank You

 Thomas W S.

 CEO/ U-CAN OWN INC.                 

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