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Project No: #18666
Capital needed
USD 50,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5,000
Country: Canada
State: Alberta
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: A relatively small investment over a short period of time will yield a substantial profit. Every effort has been made to secure the cargo with state-of-the art tracking.
What you offer to investors?: Invest US $5,000 with us, and your profit will be about US $2,000. In three months, you will make US $6,000. At that time, you could re-invest all, or part of this capital for the next lift of crude; or you could take your capital plus profit and enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family.
Business plan:

My name is Dan Williams, an engineer who has worked in the oil industry for many years - most recently for Exxon Mobile, who has granted me the right to lift US $250,000 minimum of crude oil from one of their wells in West Africa.  I have invested quite heavily in this venture, and I'm giving you the opportunity to share in my profits.  If you invest US $5,000, in one month your investment will have gained about US $2,000.  In three months - the maximum time allotted - you will have gained about US $6,000.  I have arranged for the crude to be shipped to the Netherlands, where it will be refined and stored for an eager market in Europe, Asia, Africa ...The market for crude has admittedly been subject to some variation; but over time it has maintained, and even grown of late, with Canadian oil lessening production, leaving the supply reduced while the demand is ever increasing.  I have pre-sold product, and have seen no shortage of clients ready to buy, as soon as this hits the market.  We are a brand new company, just starting out in Canada.  With my experienced crew and the months of pre-planning I have done, I feel sure that everything will proceed according to plan.  Every possible means of securing our cargo has been accessed, from insurance, to a maximum modern security strategy to monitor our investment.  We have a substantial reserve, and all expenses to date have been covered. Exxon Mobile will continue to certify lifts of crude, and I will continue to search for, and find, investors of the right calibre whose spirit of adventure will remain un-dampened by the successful conclusion of this, our first venture.  Let me assure you that my experience, knowledge, and drive will make our company thrive.  Please - join us.

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