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Energy saving project

Project No: #18671
Capital needed
USD 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: Thailand
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We have not competitors
What you offer to investors?: We offer dividende around 30% per annum
Business plan:

  Do you know that current in a socket never complying with standards 220 V or 230 V, 110 V or 120 V?


         Yes , that statement is absolute truth. You barely found 220 V or  230V, 110 V or 120 V (depends on country accepted standard) it’s almost always plus or minus 5-10%. Usually, in large cities voltage close to the upper tolerance range. For example, in a country where  220 V  taken as a basic  in  network will be 222-232V and even more. Distributors increase the voltage to control subsidence at peak power consumption.


     This increase is a main cause of “unnecessary” electricity use and unreasonable electric bill.


     By implementing our technology the consumers of electricity  simply can optimize consumption by reducing the voltage to the border which close to the lowest  acceptable standards. Why when you reduce the voltage decreases consumption? The answer is simple:


      S (Watts) Apparent power =U ( Volts) * I (Amps) / PF (Power Factor)


      So when we reduce  Voltage (V)   we reduce  current (Amps) of load , respectively  we reduce consumption (W)


   For example, in a country where 220 V standard used, in  network will be 210  V- 220 V optimal range achieved by implementation of our equipment. This voltage is safe for all consumers of electricity, increases the life of electrical equipment, optimize energy consumption.



Smart – Optimizer ECOD  technology can be used for ordinary electricity consumers (lamps, light bulbs, appliances, etc.) as well as asynchronous motors ( air conditioners, refrigerators and so on)


—  Implements few functions in a single units

     -Optimization of energy consumption

-Power factor correction

-Harmonic filtering

-Balancing phases

-Limit the maximum inrush current

-Solving problems with short-term voltage drops

-Lightning protection

-Metering and analysis of network  


—  provides several advantages, including:

-Minimize the typical system losses

-Increase the efficiency of the energy system

-Reduced maintenance costs for equipment

-Increased reliability of electrical equipment

-Providing the possibility of increasing the number of powered devices.

Why not use conventional stabilizers for 


The answer is obvious. Our patented technology for regulate voltage reach an Efficiency of the equipment produced by our company to 99.7%. All other stabilizers and transformers efficiency is 95% -97%. This means that the use of conventional stabilizers for optimization of consumption in most cases are ineffective, and even cause of loss of energy . We use transformers  with 15 times less capacity   than are  use in stabilizers for same capacity of the  load.

The Smart - Optimizer   ECOD  is designed to stabilize and optimize energy consumption. The Smart - Optimizer is connected to the main AC voltage 380-400V, 50Hz-60Hz. This  product does not distort the main supply.


Regulation of network parameters is carried out by inducing electromotive forces in different directions by a thin coil of the transformer by changing the polarity of its relatively thick coil.. During operation, the optimizer used three main operating modes:


1. Mode "transit"


2.  Mode "voltage boost"

3. Mode "voltage reduce" 

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