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IFFE - International Federation of FIFA Esport

Project No: #18673
Capital needed
EUR 6,000
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Minimum investment per investor: €500:-
Country: Sweden
State: Jönköping
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: International Federation of FIFA Esport (IFFE) is an international sport organization; an international federation for the FIFA Esport.

In order to launch, IFFE needs capital for a website dedicated enough for the purpose.

Please eMail me on in case of interest.
What you offer to investors?: A larger sum of money when the organization generates income.
A guaranteed first place in an eventual stock company.
Business plan:
Additional documents:

International Federation of FIFA Esport (IFFE) is an international sport organization; an international federation for the FIFA Esport.

It have for a long time been a disappointment concerning how the FIFA Esport works, or rather
don’t work. 
Many issues have been discussed within the FIFA Esportscene over the world, issues that IFFE
with this initiative 
will offer solutions for. 

The appreciation of this federation can be seen clearly today as the swedish community are
awaiting the initiative of IFFE and that the Professional Player Committee of IFFE have got its
first members and a lot of positive reactions amongst professional FIFA Esportplayers

The needs of a federation that start rule the FIFA Esport have existed in a couple of years, but
now more than ever before. 

The intentions of IFFE is to act as an executive federational organ for the FIFA Esport in the world. Gathered by the nations, IFFE will work for the upholding of the FIFA Esportscene.

IFFE will rule and regulate the FIFA Esportscene through implementations of statutes and regulations, in that way IFFE makes the FIFA Esportscene to an organized and standardized place where all individual actors choose to go towards the same positive direction.

IFFE forms the FIFA Esportscene into a positive and sportlike atmosphere for all. 

With IFFE we set the standards for the FIFA Esport in order to uphold it as a legitime and functional sport. IFFE have taken the leads in showing the Esportscene how to organize an Esport. 

IFFE have its foundation in the community of the FIFA Esportscene, as all involved actors have
to go through a licensing-process and through the ‘IFFE Community’ become a part of and
make an impact on the ruling federation with the possibility to interact and create opinion. 
An important part of the voice of the community is the Professional Player Committee which is
a committee within the direct ruling of the organization of  IFFE.

Actors, organizations and individuals that can be licensed towards

Membernations, referees/admins, clubcoaches,
competitiondistributors, players.

The license is directly connected to the standpoints and statutes of
IFFE, and the differently terms and conditions will be bound specifically
towards all involved actors.

A license fee will have to be paid and all
the applicants of the Esportscene will have many benefits in return.

In order to get the FIFA Esport to be accepted as an official sport by governments, the
public, experts, the olympic committee and different sportfederations, IFFE works for
a FIFA Esportscene that is structured and organized like an official sport is.

IFFE is an independent branch under WorldeSportsCouncil (WeSC), an
Esportfederation that IFFE cooperates with. For more information: (

In order to read more about IFFE, ask and go check additional documents.


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