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Bubbler Int'l Ltd: AR Anchored Anywhere and to Anyone - New Social Media & SaaS System

Project No: #18677
Capital needed
USD 175,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 25,000
Country: China
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Bubbler is a disruptive new Augmented Reality Technology that has the ability to create a new paradigm in Social Media.

Bubbler has the ability to create revenues in multiple global markets. Bubbler management projects revenues in excess of $500 Million USD per year within 5 years of start up operations.
What you offer to investors?: An opportunity to be involved on the ground floor with a disruptive world class technology that has global implications in Social Media and dozens of other SaaS businesses. To help shape the direction of the Bubbler business via your business acumen and connections.

The Company:
Bubbler Int'l Ltd is a Hong Kong company founded in 2016 by technology co-inventors Robert Gold (CEO - USA) and JJ Bueno (VP - Spain).  Our Mission is to design, manufacture and market the most innovative Augmented Reality technologies that will change and enhance the future of humanity.

Our Innovation and Disruptive Technology: 
AR Anywhere, Anytime 
 Anchored to Anything or Anyone
In the Real-World in Real-Time...
Without the use of Visual Triggers or Targets!
IP was filed in 2017 in the USA and will be followed up with foreign PCT applications within 2018. The technical hurdles to achieve full system operation are not "rocket science" nor need to break any major new ground in hardware or software development. BubblerTM management has high confidence in a final proof of concept within 5 months of 1st operational funding, and a ready to "go to market" system within 12 to 14 months from full funding.

The Tech:
The main Bubbler TM functionality is as an Augmented Reality (AR) based "Visual Social Media" (VSM) that mixes the best aspects of the current major social media systems with an exciting new AR visual aspect that will evolve social media into a real-time, interactive visual system.
Bubbler TM creates a person-to-person interaction that is sorely missing in current social media. Today, social Media Apps create distance and separation between people… even when they are right next to each other.  Bubbler's TM goal is to reconnect that broken social link so that people interact with their surroundings and the people near them.
Bubbler TM is a new mixed reality concept that uses some current technologies united with some minor, yet unique, hardware and software developments and improvements that create a totally new AR Visual Social Media experience. Bubbler TM is unlike any conventional AR or Social Media APP in existence! 

Unlike current AR technologies that are based on Visual recognition of a target or "anchoring" AR via flat surfaces (like AR Kit and AR Core systems), the Bubbler TM VSM is a "disruptive" tech that creates a new AR based social media paradigm which can be understood as "Facebook meets Twitter meets LinkedIn and Instagram in an interactive, AR Real- World, Real -Time Setting" that constructs a unique Social Media environment with global implications".
Our system not only has applications in Social Media, but in 14+ other significant global business markets. These markets will be able to use, and benefit from, AR as it has never before been possible - even with the new AR Core and AR Kit technologies. Our technology will allow the use of "AR Anywhere, Anytime Anchored to Anything and Anyone! TM" 

The Bubbler Team:
Our International Team has many years of experience in High-Tech New Product Development with specialty background knowledge in our core systems. Our technical and management team members come from the USA, Spain, China, Taiwan, and the UK.        

Besides a massive global social media market that will generate both advertising and metrics revenues, our system has operational and revenue generation capabilities in Medical (Hospital & Elderly Care); Warehousing; Logistics: Tourism; Containerized Shipping; Customs Port Operations; Search & Rescue; Manufacturing; Real Estate; Amusement Parks; Law Enforcement, Resorts & Cruise Ships; Retail displays and Marketing; Sports; and Education.
We feel that once the Bubbler TM system technology is revealed to the public, and generally understood, that a large pool of globally located entrepreneurs will come up with even more uses for the Bubbler TM system. We look forward to working with them to make their ideas operational and become profitable business systems.

Competitive Advantages:
Bubbler TM management feels we have developed a number of competitive advantages.
[1] Bubbler TM is a unique, novel and unobvious technology with a filed a US  Patent (PPA) focusing on the capabilities of our system of anchoring AR content at locations without the use of visual targets, light targets, physical image targets or systems similar to the current state-of-the-art anchoring systems of AR Core and AR Kit which utilize flat surface recognition to anchor AR content. The core Bubbler TM tech will currently remain confidential to all parties until a MNDA is signed.
[2] Bubbler TM staff are now creating a follow up 2nd PPA to be filed within the next 60 days (which will have the priority date of the original IP) and which will contain additional systems, means and methodology that will enhance the overall operation and profitability of the basic Bubbler TM technology. 
[3] The Bubbler TM system can work in several different technology iterations including operation with or without Wi-Fi, or any internet connection.
[4] Bubbler TM technology will allow the anchoring of AR images of all types and sizes to any person, place or object anywhere at any time. The abilities of this technology will fill major market gaps with AR in ways that create new value, security and economy in many markets and for many types of end users.
[5] Our unique IP is disruptive to existing AR systems while creating new markets that cannot be served by any other tech (AR or otherwise) now in existence or in the foreseeable future. The commercial applications of Bubbler TM technology will spawn new entrepreneurial opportunities in multiple industries that cannot be addressed with any currently available AR systems.

[6]  Bubbler TM tech will be 1st to market with our Visual Social Media and the 14+ other global market applications  that each has their own revenue stream and vertical growth potential.
Investors will receive:
[1] Representation with 1 or more seats on the Board of directors commensurate with their investment;
[2] Payback of their initial investment from a % of initial profits before general profit distribution;
[3] Equity penalty clause for founders (with additional equity going to investors) based upon failure to reach benchmark accomplishments set out in funding documents;
[4] Investors with resources in manufacturing and/or marketing & sales that are compatible with the company's goals and requirements will have a 1st right of refusal to work with the company as a prime vendor - based upon meeting or exceeding open market bids for the same work and resources.
We are seeking investors who, if possible, can also be strategic partners and will help with our company's management structure, marketing development, and personnel asset recruitment in an effort to help open doors to opportunities that will benefit their investment.


We are seeking an initial $175,000 USD to finalize technology systems and create our 1st operational Proof of Concept. This will take 5 months.

We will then seek a next phase investment of $3,000,000 USD (Three Million Dollars USD) to finalize large scale operational use of the Bubbler tech and set up global marketing and sales operations in both Social Media and up to 14 other major global markets that can use the bubbler technology. Our system is a software based product with a minor hardware tech component. We feel we can achieve sustainable operational revenues within 18 months. We may seek an addition $4,000,000 tranche in Month 18 to enhance marketing and sales , as well as prepare the company for an IPO in year 3; if we are not acquired by a larger company in the Social Media, AR or other field.

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