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Low Emission and Electric Car Dealership For Caribbean

Project No: #18682
Capital needed
USD 385,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 175,000
Country: Curacao
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Green project to introduce low emission vehicles and electric vehicles to a market that has a much needed change. The market is ready for a greener and cheaper way of transportation.
What you offer to investors?: * An ROI of 24 months ($385,000)
* Interest (25%) of $100,000 paid in 24 increments
* After 24 months a participation/partnership in the other/rest of Caribbean islands/markets

In Curacao, a Caribbean island, we feel the effects of rising cost of gasoline/petrol.  However, there is a growing need for affordable yet high mileage per gallon motor-vehicles.  We know the need to go green and move from the petroleum based energy but the infrastructure is still not readily available in the Caribbean islands.  So, I researched and got into contact with a Car manufacturer that has vehicles that are available in:

* Electric motor version
* Hybrid motor version
* low emission/high efficiency gasoline/petrol motor version
These vehicles have an EURO 5 and EURO 6 certification for the gasoline/petrol and/or diesel motor vehicles, Hybrid vehicles with lower emissions than EURO 5 & 6 and Electric motor with "0" emission.
So, we are able to start a dealership on this brand and offer a wide variety of models and pricing based on the configurations.  Since each model has at least 3 types of motors to choose from and a wide variety of options, the client can determine the exact pricing, configuration and options that works best for the client and for the environment.
Hence, I am looking for a US$385,000 as investment to start up a dealership for this brand on 3 islands as the first phase.  This first phase will include the 3 islands, Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.  All together this market represents a possible 90,000 vehicles market.  Hereafter, we are planning to expand to the rest of the Caribbean market. 
The involvement of the investor is expected in this first phase to be a lender relationship and since the investment is to buy the vehicles in stock, these same vehicles can be used as collateral for the loan/investment.

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