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INDIAN eCommerce logistics service providers

Project No: #18696
Capital needed
USD 200,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 20000
Country: India
State: Tamil Nadu
Reason for needing Capital: Research & Development
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Boogybee is been making consistent revenue for the last 3 month, We see huge demand in market, to get in to the next size of business we are in need of technology to handle the volume through IOT enable shipping automated software, we are planning to launch our beta version on jan 2018. hence forth we are looking for investment to boost our sale. expecting to multiply the business 200 times than our current revenue.
What you offer to investors?: 20% equity

MARKET NEED: Describe the market need/gap that your product/service addresses.
In up trending eCommerce segment, We found millions of unorganized re sellers using Social media as a medium to sell their products and struggling in logistic fulfillment due to several reason, Boogybee serve MICRO, SMALL and MEDIUM size business as a logistic partner with IOT  shipping automated software. which enable a small business could fulfill the products like a fortune 500 company. 
INNOVATIVE FEATURES: Explain the Innovative/ Novelty/Unique features of your idea/solution. How is your solution different from existing/competitor products/substitutes?
We offer end to end support for our eCommerce clients with
channel integration which will let the user to manage inventory in single portal which will be helpful for the seller who sells in multiple market place like amazon, flipkart etc.
STORE to manage the product, accounts and inventory online for micro business.
Boogybee also provide digital marketing package to boost ecommerce sales.
Conventional support is being recognized by our existing clients which is an unique facility that SME's or Business will like to interact with Account managers and the get the query resolved.

On pilot run making genuine revenue with the client base of 130+ SME's

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