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Assistance to fund biocompatibility test to a medical device concept such as female barrier contrace

Project No: #18698
Capital needed
USD 30,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 20000
Country: Philippines
State: Rizal
Reason for needing Capital: Research & Development
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: After hearing so many negative stories from a number of mothers about their experiences in the intake of pills and the use of different contraceptives such as injectibles and IUD, I began to fear and felt so discouraged from using the same thing.In 1998, I discovered a unique family planning method for my own use. With the help of a pharmacist, the formulary was finalized in 2015. It is for this purpose that the product has to undergo the necessary testings that BFAD requires.
What you offer to investors?: I can offer a profitable product giving a good return of investment for investors
Business plan:

The utility model is a film substrate comprising of essential ingredients that are mixed together and becomes a solid substance later on.
Using a finger, the film substrate is a female contraceptive which is done by placing the film substrate inside the vagina right before the  sexual intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy. The mixture starts to dissolve inside the vagina which causes the sperm to weaken  and therefore  stops its journey to the uterus. The mixture immobilizes the sperm from its activity and of getting through the uterus.  It is convenient to use since no waiting time is needed right after insertion.

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