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Project No: #18796
Capital needed
EUR 50,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1000
Country: Kenya
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: The 50,000 US dollars will be used in the purchasing at least 4 cars that will increase the fleet we ave hence improving profit levels.
What you offer to investors?: The investor will be a partner in the company.

True-blue agencies deals with vehicle rental,car lease and vehicle importation,but mainly we deal with car rental.We offer  a solution to clients needing well maintained vehicles  for a specific period of time and at a good and affordable price to suit their needs.

Car rental offer a solution to those clients who need cars for a short period of time and do not use public transport or taxi because they are not convenient enough or too expensive.
With car rental the client is able to  visit a place he or she wants at a fair price and in comfort.

The market is quite big because we target the middle earners,and companies that would like to lease vehicles rather than buying cars for the company.

In Kenya most people can not be able to buy and maintain vehicles but the need to move from one place to another at there own convenience.Therefore the vehicle rental business steps in to bridge the gap and offer the services to such people.

we have an advantage over other business because all the vehicles we have are clean,well maintained and most of all our prices are much fairer than other business. 

since the business is quite young,just a year old,we do not own many cars therefore we have leased most cars from people who get paid every month.

our short term goal is to at least own eight  cars so that we can reduce on the expense and increase profits and make the business grow.

As said above our short term goal is to own at least eight cars but we do not have enough capital to buy the vehicles therefore the need of getting an investor.

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