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Kava Imports From Fiji and Research & Development

Project No: #18800
Capital needed
USD 54,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 20,000
Country: New Zealand
State: Auckland
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Kaunitoni Investment Group will be concentrating on servicing all kava drinkers in NZ but starting with Auckland the Polynesian capital of the world whereby over 300,000 pacific reside before going global in July ,A research done by Zane Yoshida in New Zealand last year indicated that over 20,000 u2013 25,000 people enjoy kava every weekend in NZ as a social drink but most of all as an alcohol substitute , stress reliever or sleep aid .
What you offer to investors?: An equity partner and exit strategy after the 8th month of operations the investor will be paid back with money borrowed plus certain agreed percentages of interests or stay on with 10%-15% stake in the company .
Business plan:

It is the mission of Kaunitoni Investment Group to provide complete importation of Kava STRAIGHT from Taveuni (known as the Garden island of Fiji) specifically from the village of  Qeleni . Whereby will source it straight from the farmers cutting the middle men out and straight to our customers starting with Auckland and to the Kava Bars Globally thus reducing the cost and also keeping quality plus consistency for social drink that will tell a story of the what type of kava , soil type (terrior) , methods of farming used , age and climatic condition . Something similar to AOC system  in French wines . But also the Long term vision to move into Research & Development for Medicinal Kava to partner an Israeli University or Agri Innovation Lab (Israel) . Something that Medical Cannabis has done with the Hebrew University & ICAN Israel in finding medical properties through R&D . We are a New Zealand registered Company and our head office is based here in Auckland.

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