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growth and development of my business

Project No: #18803
Capital needed
EUR 50,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 500,00
Country: Denmark
State: Hovedstaden
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: the aim of my project and the creation of a small family-run Italian Osteria where to exalt the quality and make the customer feel at ease, enjoying in all tranquility my exclusively Italian foods prepared with original and genuine products.
I want to carry out this project because so many of my clients expressly ask for it.
What you offer to investors?: To my investors I offer the seriousness of many years of experience in the sector, my personal seriousness to cope without causing problems, to my responsibilities, and the certainty that their investment will be properly and correctly reimbursed.
Additional documents:

I am the owner of a pizzeria, gastronomy of original Italian products, located in Rungsted Kyst, Copenhagen, Denmark.
I acquired this business about 15 months ago, during this period I increased the income of this business by about 40% compared to the year 2016, the old management.
I am an Italian chef with 35 years of experience in Italy and Europe.
In this first period I have made several innovations and renovations to my business because the old management had neglected this activity.
The pizzeria is located in a residential area of ​​wealthy people, so my commitment and pleasure, and 'try to always offer original and genuine products of Italian cuisine only and my clientele shows to fully appreciate my choice in a world where the 90% of the Italian catering sector, no longer original Italian but false and disreputable imitations of Turks, Arabs, South Americans etc etc ....
Everything that is prepared in my small business, is prepared by me in person with the help of my daughter and another Italian attendant.
My project is to transform my business not only in take away but also in a small and familiar "ITALIAN OSTERIA", where to allow my customers to be able to sit comfortably and enjoy my food in peace.
For this project of mine I ask your help, confiden that you give me this possibility, thanks sincere!

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