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~PUFFSCOIN~ cannabis cryptocurrency with hardcoded veteran support

Project No: #18823
Capital needed
USD 3,500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 500
Country: Canada
State: Nueva Escocia
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: visit our website
we have built an independent EVM blockchain that we are producing smart contracts and decentralized applications for the cannabis industry on top of. hard coded into our protocols, every transaction fee on the system will be allocated to a community-governed fund to purchase and supply veterans and first responders with medical cannabis.
What you offer to investors?: early access to our project before public launch, partnerships in smart contract and dapp development on the blockchain.

The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary is proud to announce the forthcoming commencement of the Genesis Sale for PUFFScoin. 

PUFFScoin is an independent EVM blockchain which will leverage smart-contracts and distributed applications to provide a variety of services for the global cannabis industry, from seed producer to retail-level consumers. Hard-coded into our protocols is perpetual support for veterans and first responders, with transaction fees populated across the network allocated to a community-governed fund that will partner with medical dispensaries to provide cannabis at no-cost to veterans and first responders. 

Our website is online now at

We have enumerated several smart contracts and dApps which we are building on our testnet, which we will launch in good order on the main net upon public launch alongside the native services users have come to rely upon with Ethash-protocol blockchains. Likewise, we will be providing services such as BONGgoggles - our censorship-free, ad-free social network - and the, our daily news site. both of those services are inceptory, and are part of our service model as a whole. 

Our Genesis Sale commences on April 20, 2018 (420, naturally. We couldnt hold our heads up if we DIDNT launch on that date, now could we?) and will run thru four release/pricing stages through to July 1, 2018... Oh Cannabis day here in the Great White North, as legalization of recreational cannabis comes into effect. 

PUFFScoin is built as an adjunct to our business plan for The Leafy Cauldron Apothecary, and will be fully integrated into the daily operation of this medical cannabis dispensary and laboratory. 

Our mission is beyond cryptocurrency or cannabis. Our goal is to provide verifiable and perpetual philanthropy. The vast majority of projects that the PUFFScoin development group will build and govern will have some form of direct sponsorship for veterans support and cannabis advocacy groups, and we look forward to working with other non-profits along the way to help create healing.

We have been building this project for nearly a year, and we will be providing further information as the week goes along for any that wish to participate in our Genesis Sale. 

As a development group, we appreciate the need for every cryptocurrency to grow and maintain a healthy community. We are more than interested in expanding our development group and service providers. If you have perused our webpage and want to become involved in any aspect of this project, please dont hesitate to contact us here on the forum or via email through our website. 

We will endeavour to answer any questions that are brought up here but our general releases will be made first and foremost via the Subscribing for updates at will always be the most efficient method of staying in touch with whats going on with evolving PUFFScoin development. 

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