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Project Dergezain Gawra

Project No: #18830
Capital needed
USD 40,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1500
Country: Iraq
State: As-Sulaymānīyah
Reason for needing Capital: Buying Properties
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: - Prime real estate in the center of the city of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan
- Legal authority to execute the project through a Court Order
- Investor can shape the project
What you offer to investors?: Equity share in the project and a mutually agreed exit plan if needed. Details to be negotiated at a later stage.

Business plan

Regenerating  an eighteenth  century family property in downtown Sulaimani  in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq over a number of incremental project phases culminating in the construction of a grand state-of-the-art  2,249 square meter complex.           


The subject of this business plan is the land of Sheikh Ahmed, who was also known as Sheikh Ahmedi Hawleri (Erbili) (EXHIBIT 32), and who was the financial supplier of Mawlana Khalidi Naqishbandi.  This honorable fellow settled in Dergezain neighbourhood of Sulaimani in the eighteenth century. Today the 2,249 square meter land comprises a mosque, two sets of shops and a car garage. Some of these units are derelict and have not seen any investment since 1952 when Judge Ahmed Mukhtar the grandson of Sheikh Ahmedi Hawleri died.  This business plan presentation is intended to contain in a single document all of information necessary to enable Venture Capitalists, Private or Public Investors to  make a funding decision. There is a large number of documents that are relied on and these are referred to as EXHIBIT s and listed in the Evidence section. All of these EXHIBITS are available for inspection by Investors. 

Who are we?

Dr Ayad, who is the great-great grandson of Sheikh Ahmedi Hawleri, is a career Project Manager, Sole Diector of a UK limited company , Telematique limited, President of an Iraqi Kurdistan  company, Telematique Co. for General Trading, President of the Iraq Project Management Organization (IPMO) and Managing Partner of Iraq Lawyer law practice.  Dr Ayad has the necessary skills , knowledge  and expertise  to  undertake a project of this magnitude.

What do we produce/offer?

The project is in nine phases.  The initial phase (Phase 0) is the acquisition of two adjacent plots (#1245) and (#281) comprising 574.40 square meters  and securing vacant possession.  The next phase (Phase 1) is to secure the new area, establish a command and control center and prepare for the next five phases of the project where revenue generating schemes are launched sequentially at  minimum cost.  These are:

Phase 2 - Project Management Academy Sulaimani;

Phase 3 - PMI Iraq Chapter 

Phase 4 - Martial Arts Academy Sulaimani; Phase 5 - Cognitive Enhancement Clinic

Phase 6 - This Is London! Tours

These  schemes will be allowed time to stabilize and  generate steady revenue before the final three Phases of the project can proceed: 

Phase 7 - Acquisition of Disputed Plot (#331);

Phase 8 - Acquisition of Erbilly Mosque (#280); 

Phase 9 - Construction of Grand Complex

Which and how many customers?

Each of the five revenue generating schemes will have a different target customer  base.   Forecasts for the size of the customer base for each of the schemes are contained in the  business plans  listed in the Evidence section and repeated here:

Exhibit 38 – Project Management Academy Sulaimani Business Plan

Exhibit 39 - PMI Iraq Chapter Business Plan

Exhibit 40 - Martial Arts Academy Sulaimani Business Plan

Exhibit 41 - Cognitive Enhancement Clinic Business Plan

Exhibit 42 - This Is London! Tours Business Plan

This Business  plan  is not developed beyond the construction of the Grand Complex.  It is anticipated that each of the five schemes will become permanent occupants of the Grand Complex and enjoy an order of magnitude growth in business in the new setting.    There are, however, the additional cultural and religious dimensions  to this project vis-à-vis the reconstruction of the Erbilly Mosque and reviving the honorable links that Sheikh Ahmedi Erbilly had to Mawlana Khalidi  Naqshabandi and to the international Naqshbandi movement.

First year turnover

Forecasts for the first year turnover for the five schemes are given in the individual business plans in Exhibits 38 – 42. In terms of the business plan for the entire Dergezain Gawra Project the first year turnover figure is of no importance as the acquisition of Plots #331 and #280 will not commence until the third and fourth years, respectively. 

First year profit?

Forecasts for the first year profit  for the five schemes are given in the individual business plans in Exhibits 38 – 42. 

Funding needs?

The funding needs are as follows:

$5,000,000 in Year 1 

$2,000,000 in Year 4 

$2,000,000 in Year 5 

$2,000,000 in Year 6 

$7,000,000 in Year 7 

$7,000,000 in Year 8 

$8,000,000 in Year 9 

$4,000,000 in Year 10

Total $37,000,000

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