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Project No: #18869
Capital needed
EUR 100,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 25000
Country: UAE
State: Abu Dhabi
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: - Growth industry Travel & Leisure
- Online Business
- already successful in the market
- Expansion and growth
- Bank commitment for financing as soon as I can show the equity
What you offer to investors?: For every € 25,000 I can give 1% profit sharing.
It can be a silent participation or a direct participation.

The business concept in a pack
International online sales network of leisure experiences, supplemented with offers for flights, hotels, cruises, etc. all from one source (in one place).
Product & customer benefit
Carefully researched international travel websites with real-time booking linked to a worldwide network. This creates, among other benefits, the special customer benefit: the saving of time and nerves. No eternal searches on the internet, the customer finds, the customer books, the customer is happy. Here, special attention had to be paid to problem-solving. You want to find what you are looking for. Here, our unique structure sets us apart from our competitors, and the customer immediately senses this. 
Achievements / status
Start of the 1st city face was 2015:, meanwhile self-financing (turnover up to today approx. 93 TSD € (more than 1000 transported guests), followed in 2017 the development of, at the moment I am working at,, As a portal for flight, hotel, cruise deals etc I have since March 2018. To fill the travel websites, I have so far been able to win more than 80 suppliers (local touristic service providers) from more than 100 different destinations. I work together with well-known travel agents such as alltours, vtours, FTI, shipping companies and airlines. 
Unique selling points (technology, patents)
We distinguish ourselves from our competitors with our special know-how: unique network of SSL certified individual travel websites (tablet and smartphone optimized), German and English in manual translation, real-time booking with the most payment functions, individual offers on request also for companies, available 24/7 (not just because we have a website, but also through chat, WhatsApp chat, etc., reach us customers worldwide), the widest range of leisure activities available to customers worldwide, personal consultancy for customers, personal online Contact person and the best price-performance ratio for our providers, we create more trust through more personality towards customers and providers. Best search engine findability and exact hits for customers. Ease of use is not only due to the fact that the website works well, but in particular that it leads the customer to the goal (I would like to do more in a personal conversation). We also have more filter and comparison functions than others for our overall operator portal and also offer the customer the function GEO-Location, which displays all offers in a selected radius anywhere in the world. So he quickly finds corresponding offers, which he can then book just as quickly.
Market information (customers, partners, competitors & market volume ...)
Our customers are, on the one hand, the providers and, on the other hand, the consumers of tourism services and leisure activities all over the world. Over the next few years, consumers' purchasing behaviour (booking behaviour) will rapidly turn to online services (especially via smartphone). Our well-known (largest) competitors include Viator, Expedia or GetYourGuide, showing that concepts of this kind have good market access. However, the market is far from exhausted but is actually almost at the beginning. However, with our unique network system and ideas, we are well on the way to asserting ourselves alongside these competitors and gaining a good market position. I have a lot of demand from suppliers for my concept, and at the same time, the customer base and thus the demand of the customers is growing continuously. In order to realize the project, I need a strong team, which in the current phase is actively working on establishing and expanding the network. 

Financing concept: the source of funds and use of funds (investments)
Since I have financed the project for 3 years from my own resources, now i try to collect about 100,000 €.
In order to be able to implement the concept, I would like to gradually hire around 30 employees in the next 3 years. For this I also need an appropriate, growing office space and technical equipment. Also planned is an advertising budget. All costs have been put together in a monthly plan, which is available immediately.
The sales can best be described by the "compound interest effect" - an ever-increasing number of products (leisure activities) leads to more and more customers, who will then book more and more frequently in the future. From one-time customers become so "repeat offenders". The result is a leap in turnover.

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