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Organic Bio-Solutions for Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Animal Feeds

Project No: #18896
Capital needed
USD 5,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1000000
Country: Singapore
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: 1)Significant sales growth forecasted after successful trials with customers
2)Market-tested organic growth enabling bio-solutions
3)Increasing market credibility with successful trials and harvests
4)Founders leading the company with knowledgeable workforce
5)Have good track record (US$3.5M in sales per annum, and breaking even)
What you offer to investors?: The company is willing to partake with equity based on the post investment valuation.
Business plan:


United Alacrity (UAL) provide organic growth enabling
bio-solutions for Agriculture (e.g. Fertilizers), Aquaculture (e.g. Shrimp
Nutrients), and Animal Feeds. Company is on the cusp of explosive growth with
large orders received from major customers


The Business

UAL organic growth enabling bio-solutions eliminate
use of
harmful chemicals and antibiotics in the food chain. The UAL brands
(Zymo© and
Xymo© series) are well known among large customers, and are certified
organic. UAL agriculture solutions include fertilizers and soil
nutrient restoration products. These are used for multiple crops. The
key differentiator is the complete replacement of inorganic fertilizers
(known as NPK in the market) with UAL organic bio-solutions, and ability
to improve yields significantly. UAL Aqua solutions are used in Aquatic
farms (Shrimps,
Prawns, and selected types of fish) for improved aquatic animal health,
health, and increased survival rate.


The Market

The market for organic food products is huge, and
exponentially. Manufacturing of organic bio-solutions has several
challenges including specif organic raw materials, optimum conditions,
and full control of process with qualified bio-tech personnel.
Manufacturing is usually small-scale basis for process control
reasons. The end-product has to also be made shelf-sustainable in
accepted by the market (e.g. powder, or liquid). UAL has overcome these challenges, and provide shelf-stable
organic bio-solution products in market desired formats.


Evidence of Progress

UAL has done exceedingly well over the past 15 years:

1) Strong growth in revenue, with good
track record of reinvestment

2) Successful repeat trials with some of the largest customers in
the industry (e.g. Syngenta, CP).

3) Well established brands (Zymo and Xymo series)

4) Increasing popularity among customers in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand,



UAL are in need of investments to supply the forecast
increase in volume orders from new and existing customers. The current
manufacturing plant will have sufficient capacity to cater to increased
volumes, but raw materials/ingredients will be difficult to source from quality
suppliers at current costs. The main investment requirements will be

1) to backward integrate to manufacture specific ingredients

2) to develop selected international markets, and

3) for increase of working capital.

Revenues in US$:

2016/17 = 3.3M

2017/18 = 3.5M

2018/19 = 6.6M (forecast)

Investment Requirements = US$5.0 M

•    New Manufacturing Plant = US$ 2.5 M
•    Market development of India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other selected International Markets = US$ 2.0 M
•    Working Capital Requirements = US$ 0.5 M

The company is willing to partake with equity based on the valuation of the entity. Our current valuation of our company is upwards of US$40M. Once the orders from the large customers are confirmed, we expect the valuation to increase by 20% (estimate). We are open to negotiate the equity percentage we will give in return for the investment.

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