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Business Plan Expansion

Project No: #18904
Capital needed
EUR 35,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 7000
Country: Netherlands
Reason for needing Capital: Buying Properties
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: ·
What you offer to investors?: we are giving best of up to 15% we offer a free of tour service while they request to visit our country Ethiopia for some amount
and we can offer any other product they need from our country Ethiopia.
Business plan:

H*****  Ethiopia tours derives its name with objectives in mind and characterized by

·         Visitation to heritages of natural and cultural wildlife (flora and fauna) and Archaeological sites;

·         High degree of natural and cultural interpretation

This motivation grew from the observation and understanding that many visitors were attracted to Ethiopia by its natural historical and cultural assets, its flora and fauna as well as landscapes, which were poorly interpreted by the most tourism sector.

The company provides inbound tour operations and overseas tour wholesalers which advices on the content of program and is often negated to assemble and set up itineraries for special interest group and conference, this advice would be provided free of charge. Most tours originated in the heart of cities and travel through urban and rural environment before reaching wilderness areas. Each environment is interpreted through the eyes of Homeland skilled and qualified guides. Homeland supports small rural communities through the purchase of meals refreshments materials/souvenirs and accommodation. Further, employing local guide from villagers is not uncommon.

Creating awareness and educating local villagers near by the visitors staying areas, on environmental issues are playing an important role. Attention is also given to provide accurate information for tourists to enhance their appreciation and respect for the environmental and cultural heritages for the destination/s/ being visited. All local states national and international laws and conventions in relation to the environment are integrated in our program. Thus, the company program is to offer facilities and services for clients based on the following diversity of attractions.

Tours are lead by qualified guides/leaders who possess a blend of communication and professionally skilled and highly experienced it travel and safety. The guides of the company speak and serve clients in English, French, Italian, Arabic and Dutch in order to meet the client’s contest and need. The company is aloes ready to serve with trained and well experienced cook and drivers.

Prices need reflect the small group size involved in most tourist and quality visit service by professional guides, cooks and drivers. This situation could be understood by retail travel agents and also to result in complaints’ from clines whose expectations are not meet.

From the time of understanding and establishment of the company, with several objectives to:

·         Allow a broad range of travelers to safely experience and enjoy the wildlife, culture and natural environment of Ethiopia.

·         Provide opportunities for travelers to learn from their travels and to gain renewed respect for, and enjoinment of the natural and cultural environment

·         To promote tourism market to the company

·         To   maximize opportunities for local job creation and income generation

·         To introduce aspects of local culture, nature custom and art 

·         To create favorable impact on local investment.

·         To increase the government and the countries income by contribution through location


I.                   Current Position of the Company

H*****  Ethiopia Tours  science its establishment in 2009 has rendered individual and group package tours for tourists researchers and other gusts coming from around the world but mainly from Europe, USA and Australia.

This tour and trekking without limitation includes, tour to history cultural and archaeological sites wildlife excursions bird watching religious ceremonies (finding of the tree cross, epiphany good Friday, Easter etc…) trekking excursions many more.

In addition to this the company has offered car rental hotel reservation professional guide and other related service.

The company current general position standing was described as follows:

Financial Position

Starting capital                                 Birr 1, 200,000 (2009) equivalent to (USD 45,000)

Current capital                                 Birr 2, 400,000 (2018) (80,000 USD)

Cash in hand                                     Birr 136,000 (2018) USD 5,000

Cash at bank                                                 Birr 640,000 (2018) 23,000 USD

Fixed Asset

Vehicles – quantity (3) 1 4WD Toyota

land crosser and 2 van minibus

Other tour and trekking materials

·         Full filed trekking equipment for 8 couple


General Manager                             1

Drivers                                               3

Office staff                                         2

Guides                                               2 permanent and freelance

In addition to the above H*****  Ethiopia Tours has rendered quality and effective service to tourists which by virtue of their review the company has built good image and will.

II.                 Expansion plan and budget required

As Homeland  Ethiopia tours  is emerging business in the smokeless tourism industry, it needs to be expanded by having partners increasing its working capital building capacity and tour operation coverage also the types of service provided to different clients both from inland and to those coming from abroad.

In order to achieve this goal the following expansion plan and budget r

          Implementation Strategy and Expected Outcome

3.1.            Implementation Strategy

As immerging business H*****  Ethiopia Tours needs to integrate its vision, mission core values and objectives so as to apply the following business marketing strategy.

First and for most market penetration strategy will be applied in order to provide touristic service to as many tourist throughout the year coming to Ethiopia from around the world at the reasonable price.

In general by having the marketing mixed strategies here under the company continuously work towards success of its goal by integrating all the human financial physical, material, informational and other legal resources.

In this document contents, Business strategy refers to the H*****  Ethiopia tours  is employ so as to provide efficient, and effective service to tourists, researchers, and other gusts coming to Ethiopia from aboard at reasonable costs.

As a short term plan, the major business strategy of us was market penetration strategy attracting as many tourists as possible throughout the year at promotional, or reasonable price, and ensuring peace, and security of tourists coming to Ethiopia by having 8-28 days travel and tour package, also by arraigning special tour programs depending on the interest of tourists and other specialty gusts from the world.

We are very much interested to work with you, as a partner, by making mutual arrangements so as to pave the way for the benefit of both.

Our company As a starting step you can translate, our web site to your local language, and organize bookings by accessing different channels, media, we can also have corporate agreement o fairly share benefits of our effort, at the same time build good, and better image to our works.

First, and for most I would like to assure you that Ethiopia is stable, and a country with diverse, and umpteen tourism potential to all kinds of tourists coming from around the world.

We currently need to work focusing on tourists coming from North America, and Europe, as the tourists coming from these countries was increasing any time

In our business strategy, our core values will be:

·         Effectiveness

·         Cost saving and competitive

·         Time bounded

·          Realistic and security

Our company will exert all the necessary effort to be competitive in the tourism market by attracting more tourists every time.

Though Ethiopia is ancient country having its own language, cultures, traditions, with countless tourism potential both natural, and manmade, until recent time the nation, was not yet discovered a lot, and tourism has not been priority, however recently a lot of tourists, investors and other groups are coming to Ethiopia, in fact very suppressed to see the real image of the country.

We are working focused on promotion, which we believe we can work efficiently and effectively on collaboration with you to bring about tangible results.

Our business strategy will apply to any person, and in general in includes, without limit.

·         Creating interest

·         Promotion, globalization

·         Tourism marketing (Market penetration)

·         Customer satisfaction

·         Value chain

·         Profit making

·         Social marketing

·         ECO tourism

·         Micro and macro tour and travel

It’s important to exchange experience with a rich country  and rview of our gusts, and increasing bookings will pave the way to gain reasonable benefits, for which we are more than read to exert all the required effort.

Our works will be focused to perform touristic activates with partners, who shall come to Ethiopia, discover the country in as many as possible perspective, make review, and promote tourism marketing also involve their staff, to come to Ethiopia.

In this regard our business strategy will be:

·         Increasing partners

·         Commissioning

·         Fam trip (long term strategy)

·         Specialty tour

·         Others as required

It was in the above stated terms of business strategy I have intended to work with any interested party and  this strategy can be revised amended, or modified, even altered based on  feedback, which at this step was of paramount importance to create sound, viable partnership based on realities, and corporate agreement.

3.2.            Expected Out Come

In relation to the current functioning of the company the correct implementation, operation and control for the expansion plan will allow the company to undertake tour and trekking activates at 4 fold.

In reference to the Ethiopian Tourism potential there is ample opportunity to work at this rate throughout Ethiopia land of origin   

As tourism is not well known but now there is high tourist flow, and millions of tourists are expected to visit the country in due course, thus the company also can be able to continue to expand in the future also involve as many partners from the continent and also a bread.

IV.             Conclusion

H*****  Ethiopia Tours  using the stated strategy in this business plain-Expansion document, and other relevant up to date marketing strategy will be implement the existing plan and by making SWOT (strength, weakness opportunity and threat) analysis and other relevant business position analysis will try to devise a way by which to expand the business further in many perspectives; geographic location, touristic activates dimensions events etc

In the further the company will do its out most to creat higher capacity and not only carry out tour operations in land, but throughout the horn of Africa, as infrastructure was expanded in the region with high pace (roads, rails, electric line telecommunication, hotels, hospitals, security many more)

H*****  Ethiopia Tours  will continually work hard with stakeholders build its strength, working capital and good image.

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