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Osas Enterprises

Project No: #18917
Capital needed
EUR 10,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 100000
Country: Ivory Coast (Cote D`Ivoire)
Reason for needing Capital: Buying Properties
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Osas Enterprises.
What you offer to investors?: 20%

My name is Osas O., i am the CEO of Osas Enterprises. Osas Enterprises comprised of the followings:

* Exportation of All Kinds of Agro-products, Agro-Crops and Agro-Seeds, Nuts and Fruits*
* Offer individual Solutions and Personal help for Companies Seeking to establish branch or Representative offices and find new clients here*
*Constructions of Houses/Commercial Real Estate*
*Transportations Managements and Services*
*New Business Development*

Osas Enterprises is in need a an investors who is ready to fund our projects of enquires of lands for boths agro-products services and commercial real estates, and also transportations services.

Our capital needed is from the range of 8.000.000 Euro to 10.000.000 Euro. Our Enterprises are willing to give any investor a yearily 20% of total funded money for 10 years and after 10 year a return of his total funded money will be returning back to the investor.

meaning, if you are to invest 10.000.000 Euro, yearly you will have a 2.000.000 Euro and in 10 year you will have 20.000.000 Euro plus additional 10.000.000 Euro capital funds.

any interested investors should contact directly for more details.


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