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Project No: #18930
Capital needed
GBP 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000.00
Country: United Kingdom
State: London
Reason for needing Capital: Research & Development
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Working prototypes (both Android and IOS),
Concepts completed,
Designs completed,
Database completed,
Hosting and Backend servers in place,
Target market approached and ready for further mobilisation and coordination.
What you offer to investors?: Equity stake up to 15%

Our UK based software development company has completed a working prototype for the app called, SafetyKat.  In a nutshell, SafetyKat app is a centralised crowd driven platform underpinned by Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The app provides a mechanism to track disasters, keep loved ones informed, avoid abuse and fake news, and provide a reliable solution that emergency services and businesses can subscribe to.
This will result in savings to time, effort, money, resources and ultimately lives.  SafetyKat also brings the added benefit to our business subscribers of protecting sales revenues by increasing crowd confidence in safety.  Very broadly the threats that we seek to cover are:
*  Fires (infernos),
*  Rape,
*  Terrorist attacks,
*  Missing people,
*  Natural disasters,
*  Mass shootings.

Why do we need an App?

The world is on edge.  Everyone needs something to turn to for help, for peace of mind and for security.  There is currently a gap in the market to provide this service, but the gap won't be for long.  Emergency services are a hot topic nowadays, and other players will jump on board quickly.  It is essential that the first step today is the best on the market.

Why Now?

There is currently no single streamlined solution to bring communities together, help at times of crisis, and offer a safety net and peace of mind during the crisis.  Often poor and overwhelmed systems create their own form of havoc.  Emergency services are too busy, people are left stranded without information or resources, funds get misappropriated etc.

How does the app work?

The user faced with a dangerous situation will click the HELP button, and be presented very rapidly with five (5) simple options to choose from.  Clicking one of them e.g. 'Violent Attack', will start a 10 second countdown, giving the user time to cancel in case pressed by error.  When the timer reaches zero time, the selected people in the contact list will be notified of the emergency, as will the emergency services.  The user is then taken to a screen showing a map and escape route.  Additional information can be given at this stage, such as the number of people involved, nature of the emergency, video footage etc.

Fake news

Using our AI and crowd statistics, we will determine quickly if the incident is fake or a real disaster.  This will avoid panic, wasted emergency time and resources.  A community chat system is built in, allowing SafetyKat users to post messages to social media forum.  The most reliable and trusted users with the most relevant and important information will be bubbled to the top, indicating the weight of their conversation.  You can follow, or hide, or join their conversation.

Target Market

Initially we target the large venues like stadia (e.g. Premier League matches and events); schools and universities and similar corresponding users.  The customer base will increase systematically thereafter depending on the speed of the marketing drive.

Investors Needed

We need investors to take up equity (or suitable instruments) to help commercialise the working prototype that we have.  We use a development language which allows us to write a single code base, yet deploy in a native format on both IOS and Android platforms.  This allows flexibility and maintainability to add features and reduce overhead.  The app needs to be finished fully and placed on Apple and Google stores.  It will be available in various subscription options.  We anticipate a three to four month development time left.  All concepts and designs have been completed, and the database, hosting and backend servers are all in place ready to accept data.  We still have to get access to overseas markets like the US and get suitable partners.

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