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Gold mining on Madagascar.

Project No: #18959
Capital needed
EUR 1,200,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 200 000
Country: Madagascar
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Gold mining is planned by a drag.
Expected reserve of placer gold on sites of ten tons.
The necessary sum of 1200000 euros, for a period of 2 years, return is possible gold within a year, preparation will borrow till 6 months, depends on receipt of equipment and the equipment from Russia.

1 200 000 euros
The planned production from 3 tons per year, the income from 125 million. Dollars.
What you offer to investors?: The investor has the right to offer the conditions.

On Madagascar there is a lot of gold and many jewels, in passing with gold mining there will be jewels.
Money is necessary on purchase of cars and the equipment for gold mining, for a period of two years.

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