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99.99% Ultra Pure Beryllium & Copper Beryllium Master Alloys

Project No: #18972
Capital needed
USD 350,000
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Minimum investment per investor: $75000
Country: USA
State: Washington
Reason for needing Capital: New Acquisitions
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Buying Market already established with a guaranteed buying rate of over 100 Tons & 500 KG of Copper Beryllium & Pure Beryllium Respectively.
What you offer to investors?: Offering a return of full investment plus interest within 3-6 months after funds are received & credited, a continuous investments can or will be considered if need be. Investor will be informed on every movement from plant to end user of the alloys.
Additional documents:

Khosel, here in Washington DC, U.S.A with Double Blue Investments LLC

We require funding for Acquisition of Copper
Beryllium Master Alloys (4% & 10% Be), and 99.99% of Pure Beryllium Metal

Since this is a controlled item (Pure Beryllium Metal), we have an export license under The Bureau of
Industry & Security that is under our U.S.A  Department of Commerce.

These are finished materials that will be sourced from U.S.A Plants, and will sale to already established markets within 2-4 weeks.

Please consider our project.

Best Regards.

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