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First Time Synergy of Spaceflight and Blockchain

Project No: #19010
Capital needed
EUR 2,800,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5000
Country: Ukraine
State: Dnipropetrovsk
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: The idea of JetSpecie project is to relief investment tension in aerospace area by introducing new way of funds raising – cryptocurrency crowdfunding, which had recommended itself recently as very promising investment instrument for any kind of the project.
JetSpecie - 01 Introduction
What you offer to investors?: To join to the first time in the history project, which connects spaceflight and blockchain markets. Each 100K Euro shall be equal to 3% of the JetSpecie company’s shares (could be exchanged to JetSpecie tokens). The Project’s IRR is more than 10000%. Discounted payback period is 1.5 years.
Business plan:
Executive summary:
Additional documents:

There is huge expansion in the space industry
these days. The market is growing, the applications are revolutionary, but
financing these projects is still a challenge, especially for small investors
who believe in this revolution and want in. We have a new way to finance the
future of the commercial space industry that anyone can participate in. No
longer do you have to be huge institutional investor to reap the rewards of the
huge opportunities in commercial space. We are developing a new crypto currency
to enable a crowd sourced financing concept to invest in new space ventures. In
other words, you can now personally or institutionally invest in spaceflight
project via an easy to access crypto currency medium. Crypto currencies have
varying impressions in the financial world. But this concept is not about
crypto currency speculation, it’s about using crypto currency as a crowdfunding
mechanism for commercial space industry.


JetSpecie – first time synergy of blockchain
and spaceflight markets. Application of crypto/blockchain market as
crowdfunding platform for spaceflight projects that instantly daunting
financial challenges at traditional investment markets.


The project requires 2.8 mln. Euro as initial
investment to perform ICO (most of funds shall be used for promotion at
blockchain and space markets) and to issue JetSpecie tokens. Each JetSpecie
token shall provide service of 10 kg delivery to standard Low Earth Orbit.
Satellite operators shall be very interested to purchase these tokens during
ICO, because the price of launch services in fiat money shall be three times
less than average price at the market. ICO shall lead to raising of at least
$400 mln. in fiat money. These funds shall be used to develop space launch
system and provide launch services. In parallel with space launch system
development, the JetSpecie tokens are traded at cryptocurrency exchanges and
shall raise their price in fiat money. When the space launch system has been
developed, the launch services shall be provided for JetSpecie tokens only,
which could be purchased at cryptocurrency exchange.


The ICO shall be leaded by professional
consultants. It is planned to deploy extensive advertising campaign to market
JetSpecie project worldwide among cryptocurrency
and spaceflight markets (roadshows; conferences and exhibitions; social
networks; Internet website, blogs and advertising). Then presale of JetSpecie
tokens could be performed (potentially closed presale, like Telegram did and
raised US$1.7 bln).

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